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I’m Erika Madden, the Chief Delightful Officer of Olyvia. (“Chief Olyvia” if you want to get super fancy.)


Why am I here? One reason: to help women take control of their digital image, get noticed, and make more money via a powerhouse combo of digital customer service + reputation + marketing savvy.


In other words?


I’m in the business of making YOU look irresistible online.


Part communications & reputation expert and part digital marketing strategist, I’m the consultant packing the smart skills that allow you to make more money doing what’s important to you — and look great (like, really really delightful) while you’re at it.


I serve you if you:


  • want to look sophisticated + reputable on all of your digital spaces


  • utterly delight your customers and clients


  • dream about having a passionate, supportive community that goes wild over everything you do


  • are determined to have an online presence that doesn’t look scammy OR silly


  • know that PR faux pas prevention is a lot easier than scrambling to pick up the (cringeworthy) pieces


BUT maybe…


  • you don’t know the first thing about what your customers really want to experience from you


  • you go a bit crazypants inside (and sometimes out!) when confronted with online complaints or criticisms


  • you secretly worry that you’re not experienced or competent enough to get the publicity + next-level success you want


  • you need objective guidance in building a website + social media presence that’s as profitable as it is pretty


  • if you’re really honest, you just don’t take the time to actively protect and shape your brand’s online reputation


(Also, if you love your coffee with lots of cream + you cry while watching TV commercials? I serve you, too.)


I have 11+ years launching and growing blogs, developing websites, and helping businesses, non-profits, and individuals market themselves both online and off.


Plus, I’ve worked in the corporate world in demanding customer service roles.


My experience has taught me one big truth: it takes hard work to get noticed (for all the right reasons) on the internet, and it’s even harder to do it in a way that is strategic, professional, and outrageously attractive.


But you know what else I know?


The hardest things to do in life are also those that are most worth pursuing.


Not because there’s anything inherently meaningful about knowing how to look irresistible online, but because of what it’s going to mean for your life when you can…


1. genuinely surprise + thrill your clients,

2. earn a five-star reputation,

3. and begin making money without having to resort to spam/threats/half-truths.


That’s what matters. And that’s why I’m here.


I’m so glad you’re here, too.

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Here’s My (Personal) Story

I’m a Montana girl, born and raised.


(Not to be confused with a cowgirl, though I was always thought that might be kind of fun. If I wasn’t allergic to grass. And weeds…)


Despite the wild stereotypes that persist about Montana living, I’ve been blessed to have worked with computers since I was about five years old. In fact, I’m fairrrrly positive I was the only girl in my class playing games like King’s Quest for fun in my free time..!


I was 13 in 1994 when the internet finally got mainstream and my parents signed us up. Like every teen I took to using email, chat and online forums immediately, but it wasn’t long before I started getting curious about the design and publishing end of things.


After experimenting with clunky WYSIWYG editors from the days of Geocities and being dissatisfied with the results, my tenacious side grew determined to learn HTML. I decided I was going to create a more beautiful website if it killed me!


Well, it turns out…I survived. (Amazing, right?!) I taught myself how to use Photoshop and code by studying others’ source files; by the time I was 16 I had designed three websites totally from scratch.


I wish I could look back on them today, both for a good laugh (because you know it would be funny!) and poignant reminder of when I first found that spark of my life’s passion.


Eventually I went on to college and earned my degree in Journalism at the University of Montana. It was there where I merged my eye for beauty with my talent in written communications.


Later, I chose to specialize in digital media and layout design, which was challenging but FUN.


I lived out most evenings of my senior year in the J-school computer labs, where I would spend hours tweaking every pixel of my projects because I cared about them that much I’m a major (recovering) perfectionist.


During college I also got a gig as an intern for my United States Senator, where I learned mad PR skills and wrote most of the correspondence that went out from the office…in his name. Talk about needing to know how to be delightful!


When I graduated in 2003 I started designing websites for the public and launched my own blog on the side.


My journey from there took me from inside the business world of medicine to nannying in the living rooms of wealthy families to ironing table linens for extra cash. (What can I say? I’m a rule-breaker!)


kids-sidebarIt wasn’t exactly like jumping on the digital marketing career rocket ship, but if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that I’m so much wiser — and, ultimately, happier — for taking my circuitous route.


After freelancing while raising my children and then finding the courage to leave a destructive marriage, I decided to use my techie + communication background to my build my own business from the ground up. 


Today I’m grateful that I’m able to use my talents to help women be confident, delightful, and profitable online.


I’m passionate about what I do, and get overwhelmed sometimes — well, actually not sometimes: a lot — over all of the kind, funny, generous, and gracious people that come my way.


I’d enjoy getting to know you, too. When you’re ready, I’d love for you to introduce yourself and share your story. You can drop me a private note, or subscribe anywhere on this site and then say ‘hey!’ in my Facebook Group. 🙂


Meanwhile, you might like checking out my latest online business tips and discovering what tools I’ve found to be most helpful in blogging and biz. See you inside!