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9+ Smart Facebook Groups For Women Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, + Bloggers

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9 of the BEST Facebook Groups for Women Bloggers, Freelancers, + Entrepreneurs


Have you ever joined a Facebook group thinking that it looked pretty darn cool, only to get in there and find an endless stream of promos + sunset pictures with sappy quote overlays?


Yeahhhh. Me too.


For the last 4-6 months I’ve been on a relentless search for “quality” Facebook groups to help me learn more + grow my brand. All I’ve (ever so humbly) asked for is a place that has:


1. No icky spam

2. Useful, correct advice

3. Helpful, engaged people


Am I being difficult here? No! And yet, for every great community I’ve stumbled into, I’ve stumbled into 3 more that give me that “ewwww, I just stepped into a late night infomercial while I was trying to find the Game Of Thrones marathon” sensation.


I don’t like feeling so undignified + swindled (can you tell I take my Facebook forays seriously? 🙂 ), hence the creation of this brief guide to help you avoid a similarly dreadful pick-your-own-adventure scenario.


(Ahem. You did read those books when you were a kid, right?)


So in no particular order and without further chitty chat, here are 9 12 of my favorite Facebook groups for women entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business-minded bloggers! (Updated January 2017!)





Screenshot 2022-03-01 23.27.51


GEARED TOWARD: Bloggers, creative business owners, + entrepreneurs who want to earn brand cred with smarts AND class. Weekly tip, promo, and collab threads. Run by moi.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 3,000+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Email subscribe — sign up right here on at the top/bottom of the blog

REQUEST ACCESS AT: after subscribing





GEARED TOWARD: For people busy launching their freedom brands and building stuff that matters online. Run by the amazing and smart Regina of

NO. OF MEMBERS: 3,000+







Savvy Business Owners Facebook group


GEARED TOWARD: Women who want to be savvy, supportive business owners + learn from other likeminded women. Daily prompts include: Motivation Monday, Share & Care Tuesday, Wednesday Weekly Mixer, Thursday Talk, and Fist Bump Friday.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 1,649+ 3,065+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Email subscribe - join at

REQUEST ACCESS AT: after subscribing 





Ladypreneur Community Facebook Group


GEARED TOWARD: Women entrepreneurs doing business online. There are daily prompts along with regular discussions about navigating online entrepreneurship, the best business resources, etc.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 387+ 1,324+







Design Your Own Lovely Blog: Blog Beautiful Facebook Group


GEARED TOWARDBloggers + business owners who are DIYing their own blog and want tips + support on making it beautiful + effective. Group owner Marianne has organized daily themes to encourage support among the community, plus has fab monthly challenges to help people make real progress in improving their blog.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 225+ 1,219+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: None, though it is an A++ companion to Marianne’s Blog Beautiful e-book






The Creative's Corner Facebook group


GEARED TOWARD: Creative entrepreneurs looking for resources, support, and guidance. The owner, Julie Harris, takes the group through weekly exercises to help them grow + better their brand, provides exclusive digital content every month, and regularly promotes the work of members of the group.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 59+ 326+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Email subscribe — sign up at

REQUEST ACCESS AT: after subscribing





Blogging Boost FB group


GEARED TOWARD: Connecting with other bloggers, sharing your posts, and learning the ins and outs of working online (esp. social media). Mondays are specifically for sharing your posts/promotions.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 132+ 1,395+







DesignHer Facebook Group


GEARED TOWARD: Women website designers (current or past) who want a place to ask questions about running their business + client work, mentor other women, + make biz connections.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 230+ 269+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Must be a current web designer or have had a web design business in the past






SITS Girls Facebook Group


GEARED TOWARD: All women bloggers. There are daily social media promotion threads + people use the group to ask for posts to feature in roundups, get blogging advice, etc.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 5,996+ 6,655+







The Blog Loft Facebook Group


GEARED TOWARDBloggers and small business owners wanting community and help as they grow online. The group encourages members to use the community to find guest posters, announce giveaways and discounts, and ask for advice + resources.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 329+ 1,190+






Screenshot 2022-03-01 23.42.02


GEARED TOWARD: Bloggers + online entrepreneurs. Run by the sweet + smart Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 7,000+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Email subscribe — sign up at

REQUEST ACCESS AT: subscribing





This totally messes up the “9 best Facebook groups” thing I had going on here, but perhaps you’d like more? Okay:




Screenshot 2022-03-01 23.41.19


GEARED TOWARD: Creative business owners! Run by Caitlin Bacher.

NO. OF MEMBERS: 6,000+

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: Email subscribe — sign up at

REQUEST ACCESS AT: after subscribing







Did I miss your favorite Facebook group for business or blogging? Feel free to mention it in the comments!



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)



  • THANKS for this list! I agree, it has been really difficult to find quality facebook groups to join. And I’ve had to discipline myself to not spend (ahem, waste) too much time on there scrolling through threads. 😉 I highly recommend the Brilliant Business Moms ( private facebook group. You have to sign up for their 52 Weeks to a Better Business Challenge (totally worth it) and then you’ll get an invite. That group is so real and welcoming and I love that there are veterans on there who KNOW their stuff (in terms of super successful Etsy shops, etc.) all the way to newbies. Thanks again for this list-I’m off to check them out! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing about this group, Jennie! It sounds AWESOME. I will be checking it out, too!! 😀

    • I second this group too, it’s very active and supportive!

    • have to check this one out too! i know a mommy business owner who might benefit from it!

      • They also have a podcast that is so awesome and helpful…love those ladies! 🙂

        • will do! thank you so much 🙂

        • Guest

          I’ve been really getting into podcasts recently, so will definitely check it out! great to listen to while commuting or running. Not that I run. Walk or wander is more my style haha.

    • LOVE Brilliant Business Moms!!

  • This is EXACTLY what I needed! I’ve been searching for some great Facebook groups geared towards bloggers, and haven’t heard of any of these before. I also second @jenniemeredithmoraitis:disqus’ comment, the Brilliant Business Moms podcast and FB group is one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing this list!

    • Woohoo!!! I’m positive you’ll find AT LEAST one here that you’ll love!

  • Fantastic list!! I’d also add the Being Boss facebook group. It’s relatively new and headed by Kathleen Shannon from Braid Creative and Emily Thompson from Indie Shopography. I’ve really enjoyed it and it goes perfectly with their podcast! There are some here that I haven’t heard of, so I’ll for sure be looking at them today. Thanks for being awesome as always Erika!

    • Oooo! I am so stoked to find out that they have a Facebook group. I had no idea, thank you so much Beverly! I have been meaning to check out their podcast, too. Putting this on my to-do list for today!

    • I love their podcast! I didn’t realize they had a facebook group, thanks for that!

  • Love the list you have here Erika! I started my own group and it has been a great experience! I would love to have you join us 🙂

    • Done Kelita! I can’t wait to check it out. 🙂

  • Amy Robles

    Wow! Erika does is AGAIN. There are a few that I’ve never heard about. The one I would add to the list is ShePodcasts. ( led by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman. This group has 1,400+ amazing, powerful podcasting women talking tech, supporting one another and really working to lift each other. I’ll be jumping into the others, for sure! Thanks, girl! Love all that you do!

    • Oh how cool, thanks for that recommendation, Amy! I just got in — going to poke around in there now. 😀

  • Wow I am so honored to have DYOB included in this list Erika, thank you!! What an amazing list, some of these are new to me and now I feel like I need to join them all!

  • Great list, thank you for sharing these groups! I am a member of the Savvy Business Owners group and love it! Great community of women sharing advice and supporting each other. I also just checked out some of the other groups you have listed and look forward to seeing their communities. Thank you again!

  • Wonderland Boudoir

    Awesome list Erika! I signed up to join at least 4 of these groups! Great list!

    • I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as I do!

  • Jeanie Guevarra

    Great list. I’m already a member of 3 groups you listed above and I’m checking out some groups that are new to me. Thanks for this!

  • Thank you so much for this amazing list! There were a couple I’ve never heard of because like you said… finding legit and awesome groups on Facebook it kind of hard. A couple groups that I love that were not included are: Learn to Blog & Inspired Bloggers Network 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

    • I really appreciate you sharing those groups, Sara! Thank you. I am going to check them out!

  • My goodness, how much of an EPIC resource is this??? And you featured my group? Thank you so much for being your awesome self Erika! So darn generous!!!

    • I LOVE what you do. It deserved it. 🙂 🙂

  • Marylou

    Thanks for the list as I can now branch out to other groups that I know are good. i’m a member of the Design Your Own Blog and love it. Personal attention and excellent advice.

    • Oh Marianne is just delightful there; I totally agree. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Marylou.

  • Thank you for adding The Blog Loft community to your list! Thanks to your post our community of bloggers and entrepreneurs is growing!

    • You are very welcome, Margo. As soon as I saw it I knew it was a must-add! You have a great community. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! I have always been so lost when it came to finding good quality facebook groups, it’s such a vast world to comb through and so time consuming I just didn’t bother. This was most helpful ^_^. Thanks Olyvia :).

    • I hear you, Nadeena. It can be totally overwhelming. I’m glad this helped a bit. 🙂

  • Kate Mitchell

    This is such a great list! Thank you so much! I’ve been feeling a little stuck and this is super helpful.

  • Kerrie McLoughlin

    I joined most of these! Thank you so much. Always looking for quality groups to help support all the things I do from home!

    • Woohoo, Kerrie! I hope they’re helping you out. 🙂

  • Sarah @ Sarah’s Bake Studio

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list! I can’t wait to check out some of these groups!

  • rachelyvonne

    I’ve signed up to a few of these now, I didn’t realise that fb groups could be such a great resource. Thanks for this list!

  • This is really helpful; thanks! I really enjoy these blogging / community groups on FB and they’ve really helped me to get a steady following on my blog. They aren’t perfect and some are a little unorganized/chaotic, but it helps to find ones that are great resources, provide great content & also a community feel. Thanks!

  • Great list Erika. I joined DYOB - what a great resource!

  • Stephanie

    Great great list!! Also check out Creative Entrepreneurs Tools group, they have wonderful free tools, guest posters, etc!

  • Thank you so much for this post! The only Facebook groups for blogging that I had found so far were not for me. This list was beyond helpful.

    Christine |

  • doubleclutched

    Glad I found this. I’m only a member of two groups because others are just people advertising their businesses, not helping one another.

    • Ugh, I know what you mean Cheryl. It gets annoying when that starts happening. All of these groups are really good about keeping the community moderated and steered away from constant advertising.

  • Jenna Hill

    The couple of times I’ve joined FB groups there was either so much drama that I left in a few days or I felt like I’d fallen into a bad spammy infomercial. Ick. I’ve just joined 4 of the groups you’ve shared. Thanks so much for this list!

  • i’ve found some great groups thanks to this post. Yes to creative community! =)

  • This was super helpful, thank you!

  • Thanks for this list! I’ve just started to discover facebook blogging communities, and thankfully I have found some really wonderful ones so far. But have requested to join a few that you have mentioned above. Loving your page by the way 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Ruth! I really appreciate that. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Thank you! I have been looking for something like this. My blog has lived in many shapes and forms over the past 5 years and I think some of these groups might help me find some focus! I appreciate this roundup =)

  • This is so awesome! I had no idea there were so many supportive groups out there. Excited to get in the thick of things. Thanks for this resource!

  • This is great! Thanks!

  • This was super helpful thank you! One you may like to add in the future is the Smart, Savvy & Switched on FB group which I’m a part of. Really helpful - mostly UK/US female entrepreneurs with no promo!

  • Lydia Shoto

    I’m flipping out right now! I have been struggling with this myself! I’m been with Bloggers Like Me for a while. I knew there had to be more awesome groups out there. I subscribed to every group you listed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You’re awesome! I’ll show my appreciation by sowing into your business in some way. I will be sharing!

  • corey

    Thank you for this list. Little Farm Media has helped my business grow tremendously. I highly recommend it 🙂

  • This list is incredible, thank you Erika!! Exactly what I’ve been looking for, now I don’t have to waste time with all those spammy groups. Your blog in general is fantastic, I need to start exploring it immediately! 🙂

  • Keri Gold

    Wow thank you thank you thank you!!!! I’ve been searching without luck for groups that can help me build by blog and business… Will be checking each one out!!

  • Renee Sitavich

    Thank you for taking the time to share these resources! I keep coming up with the “ick” factor without the quality. Four of these groups are perfect for me!

  • Serene Ng

    Thank you for the wonderful list.

  • Thank you for this list! It’s still current and have joined them! This is exactly what I was looking for, I can’t seem to find the right groups and needed some direction.


  • Amanda Adams

    Thank you @erikamadden:disqus ! This is exactly what I was looking for. Your list was perfect! It offers many different groups all offering something special. I am looking forward to being apart of these! Thanks again 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Amanda! I hope you’ve settled into a few by now and are finding them valuable!

  • Organized Marie

    Thanks for this list, it’s awesome! I’m re-joined Facebook again after a 5 year hiatus and this group this is really new to me and it’s been hard finding groups to join.

  • Brilliant list thank you for this. I have requested to join them all.
    regards Suzanne

  • Jamie

    Disagree whole-heartedly with Ladypreneurs. I joined the group after reading this post, but I had no idea their rules would be so strict. I made a post asking other women in the group to help me proofread an ask that I wanted to send out to some former colleagues as a way to gather excerpts to use as testimonials on what will be a website for my new business. After being blocked and removed I wrote to the woman who runs the group and was cited three group rules that did not pertain to my post whatsoever and was told to find another group that suited me better. Join at your own risk.

  • Jamie

    … you censor dissent? That’s disappointing.

    • No censorship here, Jamie! (Your comment is still above.) While I’ve enjoyed the people within Ladypreneurs, it’s a huge disappointment to hear that you had a poor experience. I’m sorry about that. Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback on the group so that others can evaluate whether it’s right for them.

      • Jamie

        Oh strange. My browser must have refreshed poorly!! Sorry. Frustrating evening lol

      • Jamie

        And truly, thank you for this list. I’ve generally had very wonderful experiences and interactions with people in the other groups!

        • Oh there’s no need to apologize! I can totally understand why you’d be frustrated. I do sincerely thank you for letting me know about your experience, and I’m also really happy to hear that the other groups have been awesome! If you ever find another one that you recommend above any of these, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

  • Libby S. Adams

    I’ve joined a couple of these groups and overall have had great experiences. One of the groups I recently joined had some not so nice commenting going on- disappointing. I guess you’re bound to run into that especially when you get a group of biz owners together- lots of strong opinions that sometimes get communicated without a filter.

    • That’s so true, Libby. It’s something we really need to be careful about. I don’t appreciate that kind of commenting either.

  • Ehi A. Mabo

    Thank you for this list Erika. I just recently started my own facebook group for female Entrepreneurs, its called Your Voice Your Power. We share business tips, positive messages and encouragement.

    This is a support group where we share our stories of courage, seek support on business and life issues, uplift and empower each other in a non-judgemental space.

    Every discussion,post,comment shared here is Uplifting, Inspiring,Positive,Warm and Supportive.

    We want women who can sharpen us when we don’t feel up to it.

    Invite like minded ladies who could offer some support or use some.

    We are all about Business,Entrepreneurship, Professional Progress, Career Advancement, Financial Freedom and anything else that can support you while you are at it even if it seems unrelated.

  • this is very informative article i m gonna join out them all with

  • will share it with my friends and recommend them too

  • katie

    there is a new facebook group called Women’s Blogging Resource! it has been great for beginner bloggers to network, ask questions and share knowledge! Come join!

  • Great post. What an extensive list. Off to get in them.

  • Discovery Coaching

    This is great! I am still searching for more groups like the one I have started: Trying to find more that are just for Women in Leadership that want to network and chat. Any leads?? Not just for entrepreneurs. Most of the people I work with are in corp America jobs and happy to stay there. Any thoughts?

  • I just came upon this post .I was already a part of the Blog+BIZ BFF fb group and I signed up for all the others. Love what you are doing here

  • proengineering

    For any kind of Legal and Contractual Services Please visit:

  • Thank you so much olyvia! I signed up for almost every group, including yours. See you there! 🙂

  • Thanks for this, will be joining these groups right away

  • vasarenar

    What a wonderful list! Thanks so much for sharing, joined all of them! 🙂

  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great suggestions! I haven’t seen these ones before. Another one I love is The focus is on proper social media etiquette, personality and being awesome. For the sales/direct sales niche. I also love Brilliant Business Moms.

  • Joined aaaaall of these! Thanks once more 😀 I really love your blog and your detox course, it’s been so helful and fun to do <3

  • iAmHealthyFit

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for this list!

  • Thanks for listing these groups I am currently searching for a great group to join.

  • Talent Hounds

    Thanks for this great list. I am a member of the BlogPaws group for my dog site but am launching marketing and video consulting.

  • Very helpful and Thanks for listing.

  • Beth Owen

    Thank you so much for this list, and all the other great advice on your site. Has this list been updated recently, or are these the same groups you recommended a few years ago?

    • Hi Beth! I updated it this summer. 🙂 I can definitely still recommend my own group, and most of the others I know are still thriving and informative places to participate. (Particularly Melyssa Griffin’s Blog + Biz BFFs!)

  • lauralei

    thanks for the list - I just joined several of them - looking forward to the interaction and advice

  • It is so encouraging and motivating to be part of an active and supportive Facebook group. I discovered this only recently when I joined Melyssa Griffin’s Blog + Biz BFF’s group. Update: Melyssa’s Blog + Biz BFF’s group is “blowing up” right now, with +40 000 followers at the moment and they are ALL so kind and supportive! It gives me a kick in the pants!

  • MalikaBourne

    Thank you! this is exactly what I’ve needed! Love the professional business woman’s groups on Facebook upi shared/ Bluntly I’m so tired of helping those who only self promo endlessly but never seem give back with any thing helpful…I think I’ve said too much..Thank you

  • Hailie Raumorse

    Great article! Thanks for collecting such facebook groups that benefit us! I found a video on YouTube that talks about something I’ve never heard before! An expose to a beautiful truth about women’s rights that truly touches my heart and soul! Everyone, man or woman, must watch it because it hit me.

  • Robin McMahon

    Great info! Thanks!

  • Mercy Mungai

    Thanks a lot Erika for the insight.I would really love to look at those pages to be able to grow my blog which am intending to open on february.

  • “Am I being difficult here? No! And yet, for every great community I’ve stumbled into, I’ve stumbled into 3 more that give me that “ewwww, I just stepped into a late night infomercial while I was trying to find the Game Of Thrones marathon” sensation.”

    Uggggghhhhh, YES, THIS. It’s so hard to find awesome Facebook groups (and, of course, you never *really* know until you join them whether or not they’re going to be different from the same old, same old). That’s exactly why I created my Facebook group to be all about (new) 15-min daily action steps for participants to take for their businesses: as small biz owners, we don’t NEED more of the same thing — what we really need is a variety of different types of groups that offer something UNIQUE (and obviously valuable) to group members!

    I’m a member of a few of these Facebook groups you’ve mentioned (and they’re awesome!) but I’ll definitely have to check out the rest on this list 😀 Thanks for sharing and for keeping this list updated!

  • Jenna Hill

    I’m late to this list party but still super glad I found it! I just went through a pile of deleting and unfollowing spammy FB groups. This list is terrific!

  • Thank you very much for this list! I already joined many of these groups! I’m sure they will be very helpful for my blog! 🙂

  • Sripani SEO

    come join in one of the best facebook groups for start ups and investors from across the world showcasing their presentations

  • Very helpful list, thanks

  • Elaine Spicer Slatter

    For women entrepreneurs who need empowerment, support an mentoring, try our facebook group We have a free mentorship program. It can be lonely out there as a women entrepreneur and we are there to help.

  • Anna Beloglazova

    Thank you so much for the list. Maybe there could be another one for beautiful storytelling groups? I run one myself and would love to connect with similar projects.