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101+ Popular Blog Title Templates That Work (Just Fill In The Blanks!)

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Finding great blog title ideas (and then writing one that is attention-grabbing and actually works in getting people to click) is hard! Instead of stressing, use these 101+ free blog title templates -- just fill in the blanks and voila: catchy headlines! (This post also comes with a printable booklet for free download!)


Tell me: how many times do you go to write a magnetic title for your blog post and instead come up with something so insufferably dull that it gives you honest-to-goodness nightmares?


(You get ’em, right? Those dreams where all you do all night is think about writing — and re-writing — the best gosh darn headline in the entire history of headlines?)


Well, whether or not writing blog titles keeps you tossing + turning all night like an scary-obsessive blogger (I wouldn’t know anything about that, by the way), I think that, actually, it should.


Until you read this post and swipe all the foolproof, fill-in-the-blank headline formulas I listed for you, of course!


BUT until you do that, yes. Headline writing should preoccupy you, my friends.


Here’s why:


8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy.


But on average, only 2 out of those 8 people will be interested enough to go on and read your post.


Your content could be mighty, remarkable, heroic — more heroic than any other blog post for miles clicks around — but if your blog title can’t lure them in?


It just sits there.


Unread. Unappreciated. Unloved.


All that hard work, wasted.


As a blogger + someone who depends on blogging to help me make a living for my little kids and I, that depresses me. I’m sure it depresses you, too.


That’s why, above everything else you do for a blog post, it’s your job to make your headlines as click-worthy as possible.


But hey, I’d prefer this task didn’t give you nightmares. Like other people I know. Ahem. That’s why I did the work of surveying smart, popular blogs like Hubspot, Copyblogger, Inc., etc., and created over 100 fillable blog title templates based off their most effective, compelling headlines.


The blog title formulas are easy to customize no matter what kind of blog you run, plus they make headline writing a heck of a lot faster; I think you’ll love using them.



Oh, and at the end of this post I’ve also included dozens + dozens of adjectives and descriptive words that you can use in your headlines to make them POP like they’re supposed to. Make sure to check them out and refer to them the next time you write a blog title!


P.S. There’s also a PDF download with all these headline templates at the end, too. (So you pencil + paper types can print it off and use it to brainstorm titles.) It doesn’t require your email address or the promise of your firstborn female kitten. It’s just free.





# = a numerical value of your choice

___ = a word OR phrase



___ : The ___ No One Is Using!

How To ___ Without ___

___ vs. ___ : Which One Is Right For ___ ?

The # Most Effective Ways To ___

___ Shouldn’t Be Complicated

___ Your ___ In ___ Days or Less

Everyone ___ . Here’s Why I ___

# ___ Inspired By ___

What’s Better: ___ or ___?

# Things That Trip You Up In ___ (And How To ___)

The Ultimate ___ Guide

The Only ___ You Should ___ Today

# Things ___ Says About You

How To ___ Even If You ___

If You Aren’t ___ You Aren’t ___

Can You ___ ? Test Your Knowledge Of ___

# Simple ___ That Will ___ Improve ___




Why ___ Is Really Worth ___

Triple Your ___ Without ___

How To Give (And Get) ___

# Ways To Master Your ___

What’s The ___ Of ___?

Why You Should ___

Indispensable ___ From ___

Is Your ___ Causing ___ ?

# ___ That Explain ___ Perfectly

How To ___ : ___ Tips The Experts Swear By

What’s The Difference Between ___ and ___ ?

Why People Hate ___ (And How To Make It Better)

How To ___ : A ___ Survival Guide

Use ___ To Delight ___

The ___ Rule That ___

# Insanely ___ Reveal The ___ That Matter Most

Stop! ___ Is Not ___

Jumpstart Your ___ With ___




What I Learned ___

# ___ Everyone Should Steal From ___

How Long Until You ___?

I Will Teach You To Be ___

How To ___ : My ___Advice To ___

Confessions Of A ___

Why Being ___ Is Not ___

# ___ That Get ___ To ___, ___, and ___

Best Tip Ever: ___

# Questions You MUST Ask Before ___

The Guaranteed Method For___

# Juicy ___ That Will ___

Your Essential ___ : # Things You ___

Why ___ Equals ___

The ABCs Of ___ That Work

Want To ___? Now You Can!

The Art Of ___: How To ___




# ___ That Rock  ___

Improve Your ___ By ___

Should You ___, ___, Or ___?

How To ___ Like A Pro

# Terrific Reasons To ___

Brilliant ___ To Make Your ___ More ___

This Again? ___ Myths You Need To Ignore

Here’s The Perfect ___ For Anyone Who ___

Why I’m ___

The Best ___ I’ve Ever Gotten

The # Things ___ Need To ___

Never Worry About ___ Again

# ___ That You Need Immediately

The Real Truth About ___

Why I’ll Be Using ___ To ___

Everyone Focuses On ___. Instead, ___




Why Your ___ Isn’t ___ And How To ___

# Tips For ___

If ___ Then ___

# Quick Ways To ___

This Secret ___ Will Change Your ___

# Stunning Examples Of ___

The One ___ That Is ___ Your ___

Is ___ Affecting Your ___?

How To Apply ___ To Your ___

No More ___

I Thought ___ Was ___… And I Was Wrong!

# Irresistible Benefits Of ___

How To Create ___ To Explode Your ___

# Little Known Ways To ___

___ Secrets From A ___

# Ways To ___ On A ___ Budget

The Proven Method For ___

Get Rid Of ___ For Good!




___ Detox: How To ___

The Science Of ___ : How To ___

# Things To ___ In ___

The ___ Secret Sauce? ___

One Thing Is  ___ And Everyone Is Ignoring It

The Best Step-by-Step Guide To ___

The # ___ That Helped Me ___

Is ___ Making You ___?

My ___ Shortcut To ___

Beginner’s Guide: ___

# Quality Free ___ For Your ___

Understanding ___ — Before You ___

Turn ___ Into ____

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On ___

The Complete Guide To ___

When ___ Backfires: How To ___

Create A ___ That Gets Results

# Top ___ To Follow On ___



Brainstorming great blog title ideas from scratch is hard! Instead of stressing, use this list of the best, most popular blog titles -- just fill in the blanks and voila: perfect headlines!

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Blog titles get dull — and passed over — unless you add in some pizzazz. Use at least one descriptive word in every headline you write.


“Positive” or “Neutral” Descriptive Words:


Accomplished  /  Adaptable  /  Adorable  /  Ambitious
Assertive  /  Astounding  /  Beaming  /  Bewitching
Breathtaking  /  Breezy  /  Bubbly  /  Candid
Canny  /  Crafty  /  Crazy  /  Critical
Crush  /  Cunning  /  Cutting-edge  /  Dashing
Decisive  /  Delicate  /  Divine  /  Dramatic
Dynamic  /  Dynamite  /  Effortless  /  Eloquent
Enterprising  /  Epic  /  Exceptional  /  Exhaustive
Exhilarating  /  Fabulous  /  Fearless  /  Flawless
Gargantuan  /  Geeky  /  Genius  /  Gratifying
Gutsy  /  Handy  /  Hilarious  /  Influential
Insane  /  Invaluable  /  Inventive  /  Irresistible
Juicy  /  Legit  /  Lively  /  Lucrative
Luscious  /  Magical  /  Massive  /  Mesmerizing
Modest  /  Monster  /  Nerdy  /  Nifty
Nimble  /  Obsessed  /  Old-fashioned  /  Peaceful
Persnickety  /  Playful  /  Priceless  /  Provocative
Punchy  /  Rare  /  Refreshing  /  Remarkable
Resourceful  /  Revered  /  Ridiculous  /  Sassy
Satisfying  /  Selective  /  Shameless  /  Shocking
Sizzling  /  Skillful  /  Sneaky  /  Splendid
Striking  /  Stunning  /  Stupendous  /  Suave
Superb  /  Sweet  /  Tactful  /  Terrific
Tidy  /  Transformative  /  Trustworthy  /  Uncomplicated
Unforgettable  /  Universal  /  Unusual  /  Versatile
Vibrant  /  Wild  /  Witty  /  Zany


“Negative” Descriptive Words:


(Note: these words bring up strong emotions in people; use them when appropriate on powerful, passionate posts…but use them sparingly.)


Abusive  /  Annoying  /  Arrogant
Beastly  /  Bombastic  /  Boring
Bothersome  /  Broken  /  Careless
Caustic  /  Chaotic  /  Clueless
Clumsy  /  Cowardly  /  Damaging
Dead  /  Deceptive  /  Detrimental
Dirty  /  Disgusting  /  Dull
Frightful  /  Fussy  /  Greedy
Gross  /  Grouchy  /  Horrible
Icky  /  Illogical  /  Inadequate
Inexperienced  /  Lazy  /  Lousy
Nasty  /  Naughty  /  Noxious
Offensive  /  Ostentatious  /  Pathetic
Peevish  /  Putrid  /  Puzzling
Risky  /  Salesy  /  Senseless
Severe  /  Shameful  /  Slimy
Sloppy  /  Snobby  /  Soulless
Strange  /  Suspicious  /  Terrible
Ugly  /  Wasteful  /  Worthless



Download these popular blog title templates as a free printable PDF booklet!



Don’t forget to save the 10-page free printable PDF above to your computer (it includes all 101+ fill-in-the-blank blog title templates, all 150+ of the descriptive words, plus a few extra headline writing resources around the web), then tell me what kind of headlines make YOU click — and the kind you absolutely despise.


I know I definitely have my headline pet peeves. But you won’t believe what I have to say next.


(Har har. Get it? Oh I’m so clever, I know.)



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)



Finding great blog title ideas (and then writing one that is attention-grabbing and actually works in getting people to click) is hard! Instead of stressing, use these 101+ free blog title templates -- just fill in the blanks and voila: catchy headlines! (This post also comes with a printable booklet for free download!)

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popular blog title templates that work


popular blog title templates that work



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