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The Blog Income + Traffic Report for June 2015

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How did fare in blog traffic + earnings for June 2015? Here's the whole breakdown.


Okay, okay. I know you’re all just dying to know:


How did fare in blog traffic + income for the month of June?


(Which is actually part of May and not the entire month of June, but what the hey.)


Here’s the breakdown.


OLYVIA.CO BLOG TRAFFIC REPORT Pageviews for June:    20,744  (+1,864) Users for June:   11,835  (+1,734)



Views and users weren’t as high as they should have been this past month because I didn’t post much to the blog.


(Oh, you mean I should actually keep my blog updated? What a concept.)


You can see there in the middle of the month where traffic started to dip pretty low.


BUT, even though it cost me some growth, it was for a good reason.


I was making this free e-course/blog challenge/biz detox thing-y.


People seem to love it, and that makes me happy.




Top 3 pages viewed this month:


22+ of the best free stock photo websites for your blog and business. (Regularly updated!) How to get more followers and repins on Pinterest: the Ultimate (hype-free!) Guide that will tell you everything you need to know to build a popular Pinterest account facebook_groups_for_women_business_owners_sidebar

(Click image to visit the post.)



Top Pin driving visitors to


Screenshot 2021-06-25 21.48.02

(Click image to visit the Pin.)





As I’ve mentioned in past income reports, the figures below are what I made through “passive income” on this blog, not my other client work and services.


Last month’s earnings are as follows:


21 Day Brand Detox companion upgrade - $26.00 ($0)

BlogHer Ads - $19.26 (last month: $16.56)

Sovrn/Meridian Ads - $3.70 ($3.71)

Amazon Associates (from the Resources page) - $28.91 thanks to whomever bought that SWEET camera — you rock ($1.69)

Creative Market (from the Resources page + pins on Pinterest) - $8.90 ($6)

Tailwind (from the sidebar/footer) - $2.25 ($38.21)

Linqia (referral) - $5.00 ($0)

Blog Beautiful ebook (from the sidebar + Resources page) - $9.60 ($0)


GROSS EARNINGS:  $103.62  ($181.17)




1193 people have chosen to receive The Olyvia List™ (+ 203 from last month) 



Methods to promote sign-ups this month:

- none (I’m srsly such a slacker, guys)




Twitter:  3,064  (+ 339 from last month)

Pinterest:  2,070  (+ 390)  

Facebook:  583  (+36)

Instagram:  287  (+ 24)


Here’s the deal: I’m considering removing Facebook entirely from this monthly stat list, as I’m no longer trying to actively build it.


(A little over a month ago I took down the slide-up ‘Facebook Like’ box from the site and the only link to my account is a small one in my footer.)


What do you think? Yay? Nay?


Also, the one thing new this month is that I joined Periscope! I haven’t broadcast anything yet, but it should be a hoot when I do.


(Most likely it will be random sight-seeing stuff or watching me careen around my hip Montana town in my hip swagger wagon, but who knows — I might throw in some ‘biz behind the scenes’ if you convince me. :))


You can find me by searching @OlyviaMedia.



How did your blog monetization go this month, my friends?



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)




  • I think I’m going to do the same with Facebook. I pretty much automate it and let it do its thing (mostly for older family members who aren’t on any other social media!).

    • Yep — I love it for the Groups and potential ad possibilities. But for fan page interaction it’s tough. I will continue to use it, but growth on there isn’t as big of deal to the brand anymore! Have you found that to be the case for you?

      • Definitely. I’m still sorting out what I’ll do with it specifically, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to automate it (certain tags on Instagram post to certain albums, blog posts get linked, blog posts from other bloggers get linked) and let it go. Gotta focus on what really works.

    • I have also fallen out of love with Facebook… but have found myself in a smidge of a predicament.
      Whilst I love the group interactions, I know that the algorithms mean that anything I do there is pretty useless - and like you, I try to automate the page as much as possible.
      My predicament is that whilst going through my google analytics the other day, I realised that Facebook is 76% of my referred traffic… I still need to figure out whether it’s group posts / page posts though.

      • Emma- I have some of the same Facebook predicament. Get lots of referrals, but for engagement, it’s not worth it.
        I MAY have an answer for you about the group aspect. I’ve read a few places that if you see l.facebook (desktop) or lm.facebook (mobile) as the beginning of a referral, it’s likely that’s from a link that was posted in a group/not from your business page. Might be worth looking into!

  • I agree about Facebook! I use it for the wedding photography part of my business to share photos from the wedding and tag the bridal party/bride and groom which is great, but as far as my blog? Not so much!


    • Do you get much engagement there, Allison?

      • No, not really. (I USED to back in the day before you had to pay to “boost” everything!) My wedding photos & blog posts get a little bit of engagement because people are tagged and then the bride will usually share it with friends & family members. But non-wedding related blog stuff? Not so much. But then again, I’ve never tried “boosting” either!

        • Yeah, FB was pretty killer in it’s earlier days! I’ve experimented with boosting posts and for me, it has not been worth it at all. :p

          • Good to know! I’ve considered experimenting, but I’ve been feeling less then enthused. 😛 Haha

  • Your growth is so awesome, Erika! I’m so impressed and proud of you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your report!

    • You are awesome, Maya — thank you for saying so. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s interesting to others, but for me it’s always fun to do these and review the month!

      • Time consuming, but definitely (sometimes fun) extremely helpful to readers!

  • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Seriouslt, my FB is stinking. But then again I haven’t worked on much lately. You mean I have to regularly update? Lol! Loving the Detox. You rock!

    • Nikki Frank-Hamilton

      BTE, great increases in numbers, mighty impressed!

  • I often refer to Facebook as a moody teenager… you never know what is going to spark it’s interest or make it cranky…. I have done so many experiments of my own to see what does and doesn’t work. So here’s my two cents…

    I’ve noticed scheduling alone absolutely kills my reach, even if I use the Facebook scheduling too. Sharing lest but organically is far better than scheduling.

    Other things I’ve noticed are that video’s gain the greatest reach followed closely by images. I have linked my Instagram to my Facebook and post usually just one IG image a day (I still want my IG account to have something unique to it - not just repeat it all on FB).

    I boost one post per month and the post is a link to my subscription offer for the month. I usually only spend around $5 and target it quite specifically. It often has a good return and I gain views as well as subscriptions out of it so I see it as a worthwhile investment.

    I’d love to know what works for others 🙂

    • What an interesting insight about scheduling vs. organic posting, Krystal! Thanks for sharing that. I also love how you’ve seen good returns with your boosted posts. Do you have a ballpark figure on how much it breaks down for $ spent per new subscriber? I think that would be really helpful for people to know (if you have the numbers)!

      Thank you so much for your helpful comment. 🙂

  • I am addicted to Periscope - watching not so much broadcasting yet.
    You have had awesome email growth build without doing anything this month! Congrats!
    Kelsey x

    • Thank you Kelsey. 🙂 Yes, I love love Periscope! Just seeing all the amazing things taking place throughout the world in real time is mind-blowing to me.

  • Hi Erika,

    I cant believe you got 203 new subscribers last month. What is your secret? You are doing so great with your blog. I love your income reports and it is very inspiring. I’ve added you to The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports since you track it each month. Thanks so much!

    • Ah, thank you so much Alexander! I appreciate that. 🙂 And as for my secret — I wish I had one! I think my header opt-in at the top of the page works really well. I also have one on my About page and in my footer, which has always given people a lot of opportunities to join!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion, Belinda. I tend to agree with you. Facebook used to be incredible 2 years ago for free reach, but it’s definitely a pay-to-play area now. Which is fine, but it’s not realistic for most small business owners — especially those in their first couple years of business. I’ve found that FB Groups are awesome, however. Have you experimented with that at all?

    • Belinda

      haha sorry I just re-read my post and realised how arrogant I sound. I just find FB to be troll central which I don’t like. I do belong to some personal groups but haven’t actually run one myself. I’m interested though in why you like them for small business? 🙂

  • Wonderland Boudoir

    Hey girl hey! My name is Korin, and I’m a slacker. I have REALLY slacked this month… but my excuse is i had major clients and huge projects at work and I’m still learning how to balance everything together. I also joined Periscope which I know will be the next big thing!