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10 Introvert-Friendly Offline Marketing Ideas For Your Blog + Business

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10 Offline Marketing Ideas for Introvert Bloggers + Business Owners


You may or may not be surprised to know this, but it’s true: I’m an introvert.


Promoting my business just does not come easy to me.


(Sisters, if I could run Olyvia while living in a comfortable hobbit hole and sharing it with absolutely nobody, I would.)


In the event you share my shy tendencies (or, you know, just like easy marketing tactics), today I thought it would be useful + a shamelessly amount of simple to share some introvert-friendly ways to get your name out into your local community — without using online methods.


Because although I am a passionate proponent of using digital marketing, I’m also a believer in finding tiny little areas to dominate that others are not.


Do you know what that area is for blogs + online-only businesses right now? Good ole’ fashioned, internet-free “guerilla marketing.”


So here are 10 easy offline marketing ideas that will help you promote your blog or brand. (But won’t result in sweaty hands + stomach knots.)


Try one and see how it goes!




Leave a stack of your loveliest blog or business cards in designated areas of your public library and other community information centers.


Most of the time you won’t need to ask permission for this; if there are no signs indicating you need approval, you’re gold.




Create — and wear — your own brand t-shirt. Advertise your logo and URL, a tagline, or a compelling statement/design that will help people initiate a convo with you.


(And when they do, just sweetly hand them the card in point #1 above!)


For instance, I adore this fun + fancy ‘Entrepreneuher’ shirt in Julie Harris Design’s shop (and modeled by the delightful Julie herself):






Pin up an eye-catching postcard, flyer, or poster on community bulletin boards around your city. Coffee shops, grocery stores, college campuses, and independent casual restaurants are PERFECT for this.


(I’m personally a big fan of Moo’s products for marketing in this way. Great quality + super affordable.)




Take out an ad in the bulletin for your church or community group — or “sponsor” a non-profit’s quarterly newsletter.




Write an article for a local magazine or in a section of your newspaper.


This life coach in my hometown (see below) writes columns in a popular local magazine for moms that is distributed for free around town. All of her business info is listed at the end of each article. Smart woman.






Have a car magnet or window sticker made of your logo, tagline, and URL. …Just be sure your car’s appearance + cleanliness will boost your brand’s reputation, not “dirty” it. Har har har. 😉


(Check out options at Vistaprint.)




Send a handwritten card to someone you’ve been speaking with online — or simply admire.


(Can’t find their address on their website and too afraid to ask? Sign up for their email list; it should be at the bottom of all of their emails.)


This beautiful card was sent to me by Marlene of MDC Artistic Designs:






Did you know that in most newspapers you can submit your “professional achievements” and they will publish it at no cost…usually with your gorgeous photo?


Take advantage of this free press by sending in announcements of classes you’ve taken to further your education (e-courses count!), blog conventions you’ve attended, events/webinars you’ve spoken at, etc.




Have your business or blog name, short tagline, or just your URL printed on pens and pencils. Then keep a permanent stash in your purse so you can hand them out when someone (inevitably) needs one.


(And if you just happen to “misplace” them all around town, no harm done, right? *hint + wink*)


All it takes is something simple, like these engraved pencils that Mayi Carles featured in this blog post:




Or these pens from Shane Robinson Fine Art (which people frequently take from an unstaffed gallery, and later use to visit the online store):






Donate gift certificates, services, or products as prizes for local events (think: school, church, or non-profit fundraisers).


Nausea-free offline marketing tips


What’s your favorite offline marketing idea for reaching new people? Will you try one of these? Let me know!



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)




Post graphic photo courtesy Better Than Stock by Business Betties + edited by moi

Entrepreneuher photo (c) Julie Harris

Shane Robinson photo (c) Shane Robinson Fine Art

All other photos/screenshots by moi



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  • I volunteer for a non-profit gardening club and have done most of the pointers mentioned. They really work to raise our community profile.

  • Tope Shonekan

    This is so timely, Erika! I’m rather out there but really shy when it comes to promote myself or my business so this is giving me some great ideas. Thank you.

    • I hear you (so much), Tope. So happy you found some good ideas here. 🙂

  • Thanks, Erika! These are great ideas ….and now I’m off to make a custom handmade shirt that says “Stitch Sew Lovely” and just walk around my local fabric stores & sewing convention wearing it. 😉

    • Hahaha, YES. I want to see it when you’re done!!

  • Julie Harris

    These are awesome! I love all the creative alternatives to traditional marketing and advertising. The pencils are my favorite! I am learning more and more the power of a pencil. My beautiful pens look great till things need to change and then I’m all out of luck and my planner looks messy. Custom pencils for gifts and marketing stuff is awesome! I wonder where you order something like that?

    And I loved “Old school Pinterest” haha an oldie but a goodie. Can’t beat a classic idea. I think I’ll pin my business card at the local Starbucks I am always working at next time I’m there.

  • I love all of these ideas Erika and I do need to take the time to go around town and leave my business card with other local entrepreneurs. I’m fortunate to live in a historic district filled with small businesses so I should definitely take advantage of this. The pencil idea is great as well. I would have never thought of it and then again, I probably have a pen or pencil from every possible office in town. :). Thanks for including me in this wonderful post!

    • You are so very welcome, Marlene! (I know, isn’t the pencil idea brilliant? I’m trying to find a way to do that now!)

  • These are some great tips! I will definitely be implementing some of these as I start + grow my business. xo

  • Love these ideas, Erika! I volunteer with expat and professional groups here in Germany (I’m American) and meet lots of my ideal clients through networking and get together events. I usually do most of the communications tasks for the groups (website updates, social media, event promotions) so people get to know me through my work.

    Even though our world is increasingly online (and my business is based on that!) traditional, in-person and local marketing efforts are still worth the time and financial investment.

    • Absolutely Christine. Thank you for your comment!

  • These are great ideas, Erika! I hadn’t considered doing things like this. Perfect for someone like me 🙂

  • Brilliant idea! Am now thinking of pining small flyers in our local food shops, I know that many potential readers look at those. Also, another idea is to have a custom made phone case. I’ve had on my to do list for a while but your post makes me want to get on it, right now!

    • Wow Stephanie, a custom made phone case is BRILLIANT. Thank you for mentioning that!!

  • Brett Goldstein

    I am a total introvert too! Great tips and didn’t leave my stomach in knots 😉

  • wranglerdani

    I’ve used similar ideas with great success. A hand-written card and a small gift at the holidays makes a difference!

  • Total introvert here when it comes to marketing and networking! Pinned this for ideas!

  • Danielle

    This is great! I love reading and writing about how introverts can still be super successful as entrepreneurs. I know it can be intimidating, but there are creative (or even simple) ways to still network, communicate and promote. Thanks for the great post!

    • Thank you, Danielle. 🙂 It’s difficult sometimes to find ways to promote as an introvert (that don’t leave you paralyzed with fright, anyhow). I always get so excited when I hear of a creative way to do something that still leads to success but doesn’t necessarily require a ton of nerve or gab.

  • This post is gold! As an introvert I can totally relate. I can definitely try some of these. THANK YOU!

  • Fleur

    Great tips! I will definitely be implementing these:)

  • debbielq

    Thank you for these great ideas. I am definitely an introvert, and it is difficult to “put myself out there.” Therefore I don’t do much off line marketing. I appreciate these ideas and will begin to implement them.

    • I feel the exact same way. I’m really glad these were helpful to you. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    I need to work on some of these for both my blog, the cub scouts and my dad’s business that I inherited. Some I do already but not consistently or enough.

  • These are great tips! I’m actually quite shy and introverted, so networking and promoting is somewhat intimidating. I love how these are all do-able tips. Thank you for posting!

    • You’re welcome, Kara! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  • Hi Erika! So happy to come and visit your blog (I found you via Twitter-via Regina).Thanks so Much for these Wonderful Ideas, I love all of the ideas you mentioned here…and I would definitely start implementing these ideas.I was just thinking about ways to promote my little food blog the other!… I really like #2 sounds like a really cute + fun idea !!! Now, I’m just imagining myself wearing a shirt with the name of my blog! Thanks for this Post!

    • Aldy, I’m genuinely excited about meeting you. I just spent time going through your blog and am absolutely LOVING your food photography. You have a true natural talent; it is beautiful. Thank you for commenting and introducing yourself so I could find your blog.

      P.S. I think the t-shirt idea for your brand would be PERFECT.

      • You’re welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet such lovely people like you in blogging-land. Thanks SO much for visiting my blog, Erika! Happy you liked my work… I’m blushing, now 😉 Oh, and I will definitely be doing the t-shirt idea!

  • Anne|Craving Something Healthy

    Thanks for so many great ideas! Now I just need some extra time 🙂

  • Fantastic ideas, as per usual!

  • I just recently got my business cards, so now I’m always on the lookout for open bulletin boards when I’m out. I love these other guerrilla ideas, especially the pencils!

  • Thanks for the tips Erica! Some of the best clients I got the old-fashioned way through face to face interactions and who’ve spread the word about my work that way. But I rather not have to be ‘on’ all the time - these are some creative alternatives to ease the awkward sales pitch for sure 🙂

  • This was a really helpful article! Luckily, being in the pet industry makes it a little easier. Marketing with dogs is like a magnet, because who doesn’t want to pet a dog after a long day of work?

    We’re in Arizona though, so it gets too hot to bring the dogs out. I’ll have to try these instead!

  • Piritta Lännenpää

    Thank you Erika for the great ideas! I also love your united and yet so colorful style!

  • Thank you, thank you! As a fellow introvert with a new blog, I was trying to think of ways to connect offline with women who would find my blog useful. Then I happened across your article! So timely! Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  • Susaye Rattigan

    These suggestions are simple and smart. I will definitely try some in marketing my practice.

  • OnlineProBlog

    These are some great idea for promoting a blog. I especially like the idea about using the local newspaper or magazine. Also, I never though to much about the company pencil, but it’s really a good idea when I think about it.

  • Luisa RD

    Just came across this post. Great tips for us introverts! Haha…”Comfortable Hobbit Hole” is exactly where I would feel comfortable too! Promoting an online business definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone.

  • Brenda Reeves

    Those are excellent ideas. Thank you.

  • I love the pencil idea. I already carry around a stack of business cards and pin one to any community bulletin board I find.

  • I learned some new ways to promote offline in this post. Thanks for sharing. I offered to donate a gift basket to a foster family organization but I just worry if it will ever make it to the parents. I guess I am too skeptical.

    • I would give it a shot, Marsha! If the organization is willing to accept it, they’ll likely follow through. That sounds like a really neat idea, too.

  • I love the t-shirt idea and the pencil/pen promotion too. I loved your free e-book. I need help with a landing page for giving away a free e-book when someone joins my mailing list. Do you know any easy sites with step by step instructions? I use mailchimp. thanks!

  • kate

    These are some good pointers and really easy to implement. I have some struggles, because I don’t necessarily know how to ‘market’ myself without selling a product. Should it still be the same..even if I am trying to just get my blog noticed?

  • Very good ideas for getting out in the community!

  • Ciree Designs

    I love all of these tips Erika! As a newbie to the blogger/small business scene these are so helpful 🙂

  • I love these! So many marketing ideas brewing, thank you!! ?

  • I never thought of anyyyy of these ideas & as I was reading I was like.yeah, so true…and came up with perfect spots to leave my stuff… I am totally doing these..

  • Mahalo Nui (deep thank you) for including my work and link to my Shop in your wonderful and informative post, Erika! Aloha!