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18 Expert Podcasts for Women Online Entrepreneurs

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18 expert podcasts for women entrepreneurs. You should be listening to these!


Dear Woman Entrepreneur,


I’m pretty sure I heard you say you’ve been looking for a new podcast that will help you learn how to do more cool, online business things.


Soooo naturally I thought, “Hey Erika, that would make for a great blog post.”


And now here we are.


I love you, too.


- me




1. The Suitcase Entrepreneur


suitcaseentrepreneurHost: Natalie Sisson

Favorite episode:

Get Your Sprinkle of Creativity With April Bowles Olin of Blacksburg Belle



2. Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn

Favorite episode:

How to Put On a Successful (and Profitable) Virtual Conference w/ Lain Ehmann



3. 1 Day Business Breakthrough


1daybbHost: Pat Flynn  & Chris Ducker

Favorite episode:

Overcoming ‘Small Email List’ Syndrome & Focusing On Growth




4. The New Business Podcast 


newbusinesspodcastHost: Chris Ducker

Favorite episode:

How to Get Closer to Influencers Without Being a Pain w/ Selena Soo



5. Online Marketing Made Easy


onlinemarketingmadeeasyHost: Amy Porterfield

Favorite episode:

How to Attract Leads on Instagram w/ Chalene Johnson







6. Make it Happen


makeithappenpodcastHost: Jenny Purr

Favorite episode: Making Money With Your Blog Without Relying On Traffic w/ Mariah Coz




7. The Independent


theindependentpodcastHost: Regina Anaejionu

Favorite episode: How to Build a Profitable Business for $50 in 3 Months







8. Lady Business w/ Jessica Kupferman

9. Entrepreneur on Fire w/ John Lee Dumas

10. Eventual Millionaire w/ Jaime Tardy

11. The Lively Show w/ Jess Lively

12. Being Boss w/ Emily Thompson + Kathleen Shannon

13. The Fizzle Show from the fellas at

14. Duct Tape Marketing w/ John Jahntsch

15. The Chalene Johnson Show w/ Chalene Johnson

16. The School of Greatness w/ Lewis Howes

17. Ask Pat w/ Pat Flynn

18. Smart Business Revolution w/ John Corcoran






Do you listen to any of the above podcasts? What podcast makes your heart skip a beat every time a new episode is released? ♥ (If I didn’t cover it, by all means — give them love in the comments below!)



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)




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  • What a great list! I love Regina’s podcast and of course, Pat Flynn’s. 🙂 I also really like the Brilliant Business Moms podcast. Podcasts are the best for getting the dishes done. Hope you have a great week!

    • YES to the dishes comment, Jennie. 😀 I do that all the time. (Also: they’re pretty handy while putting on makeup/doing hair in the AM. Feels like less time is wasted that way. hehe)

      • Oh and I’ll check out the Brilliant Business Moms podcast!

  • Erika, awesome roundup of podcasts! I listen to many of these myself on a daily basis, and some of those same ones are what inspired me to start my own podcast. I have a post scheduled for this week on why I started my own podcast and a few of my favorites as well. I hope you’ll stop by and give it a read! 🙂

    • I will! I love that you started your own podcast, too. Have you seen it benefit your blog/business?

      • Thanks so much Erika! 🙂 I do believe it has benefitted it, but I won’t be able to really see results until a little further down the line when I’m able to analyze my analytics a little more. I have definitely seen an increase in traffic, but that could be due to several factors. My podcast is still in the baby stage, so I’m focused more on content and establishing myself on that medium than anything right now. Its a whole new world!

  • Well thanks so much @erikamadden:disqus so happy to hear you enjoy my podcast and that I’m in fine company here with my friends whose podcasts I also listen to - Chris, Pat and Amy!!

    • I so appreciate your no-nonsense approach + practical tips, Natalie. Thank you kindly for your comment!

  • The Fizzle Show, The Independent, Amy Porterfield’s and Make It Happen are my absolute faves! I also love Sarah R Bagley’s. Can’t wait to check out the others here!
    Rebecca | Autumn Leaves

  • This is a great list, I can’t wait to start with these!

    • Thank you for your comment — let me know if you find a new fave!

  • I listen to The Lively Show, Being Boss, and School of Greatness, which is one of my favourites (Lewis Howes is a great host). I recommend Kate’s Take (part of EntrepreneurOnFire), One Part Podcast, and Finely Crafted.
    Is The Independent available on iTunes? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Ooo, I haven’t listened to Kate’s Take yet — good to hear from another who likes it. Thank you.

      No, The Independent isn’t on iTunes yet. Just Soundcloud.

  • This is such a great list!!! Did you know that I’ve only listened to ONE podcast in my entire life?! Uhhh, yeah that’s sad. I clearly need to get into the world of podcasts … thanks for helping me! 🙂


  • What an amazing list Erika! I absolutely LOVE the Fizzle show and Regina’s too, but needed to get into some new podcasts, loving this list!

  • Thanks so much for sharing The Lively Show with these other great shows, too! I am a huge Pat Flynn fan in particular myself. This is a really great list!! : )


  • Cat Polivoda

    I love the $100 MBA Podcast! I’ve also recently gotten into Mavenly & Co’s Podcast.

    Thanks for this list! I’m excited to check out a few I haven’t heard before!!

  • Kathryn Hofer

    Always on the look out for new ideas for podcasts. Thank you! Another of my favourites is Glambition Radio with Ali Brown - so good!

  • blogbrighter

    I absolutely love Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. with Tiffany Han. It’s all about business and branding and honestly, she just gives amazing pep talks. After an episode, I feel inspired and I much more positive about doing my blogging thang.

  • The Dancing Panda Website

    Thank you for posting this! I’ll definitely check out some of those podcasts later this week! 🙂

  • Alyssa Davidson

    This list is amazing and has revolutionized my summer listening, thank you so much for sharing. I tend to listen to a single podcast obsessively but adding in some variety has been wonderful. This was also perfectly timed - summer travel lends itself to extra podcast listening. I am loving the Suitcase Entrepreneur and Being Boss. I also discovered Elise Gets Crafty, which is wonderfully reflective and down to Earth. I’m looking forward to your next post already!

  • This is a great list! Other than my own podcast, The Launch Grow Joy Show, I also really enjoy Shopify Masters, Perpetual Traffic, The Get Paid Podcast, The My Wife Quit Her Job podcast and Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson!

  • Chic Life Design

    Great Post! I’ll listen to it while sons are sleeping. Thanks for sharing such information!

  • Cherrie McKenzie

    Great list and good to see what others are doing. My podcast is geared toward getting women (and men) motivated to go out and act on that idea that has been roaming around in their head. I give advice and interview people who have done it and some of the steps they took. It truly has been a great experience because I’ve met some amazing people. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Love this list! Thanks for sharing! I listen to Smart Passive often and LOVE his advice.

  • I am pinning,saving ,sharing,trying to swallow everything at once and realizing I should keep on visiting this blog everyday as part of my schedule to catch up

  • I’d love to add #MerryBiz by the Merrymaker Sisters to the mix. Emma and Carla are beautiful (Aussie) ladies who are hilarious and so much fun to listen to. I challenge you to listen to their podcasts without smiling. It’s impossible!!! They are just so much fun.

  • Love this list, I listen to over half of these. My podcast “Spark and Profit” is geared toward inspiring and empowering females entrepreneurs. It is a combination of interview episodes with phenomenal women who run their own businesses and solo episodes with tips about how to grow your business.

  • I currently listen to the Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. I will definitely have to check out the others. Thanks for sharing this list!

  • Hi Erika,

    Wow what a great list of podcasts to start listening to. I currently listen to the Passive Income podcast but haven’t checked out any of the others.

    I’ll definitely be checking out some of the others on this list. I am always looking for more motivational words of encouragement.

    I like listening to the podcasts while I am doing my daily exercise. I’ll have to check these out before I go out for my daily exercise today.

    Thanks for sharing these with us, have a great day 🙂