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Delight: The Digital Biz Owner’s Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan (A Workbook)

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The complete guide to creating a customer service plan for your small business. Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan is for creative business owners, freelancers, Etsy shop owners, and entrepreneurs who want to get more clients + buyers + forever fans by delivering heroic service.


A long time ago (32 weeks, to be exact) in places far away (that would be Twitter, Instagram, + Facebook), I posed a question.


It went a little like this…

Screenshot 2021-10-27 14.12.34


After a lot of studious tallying by candlelight into the wee hours of the morning (not really), the answer was resoundingly clear.


“Create #2!” the masses cried.


It was a happy day, as you might imagine. (Oh, if all our future business plans could be so obvious.) But today? Oh today, my friends, is even happier.


That’s because Delight: The Digital Biz Owner’s Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan is finally here. (And I can’t wait for you to see it.)


What are the details of this one-of-a-kind workbook? Let me show you:




Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan


Hereafter known as Delight (because: so much simpler)this is a 25 page 64 page workbook that guides you through the process of writing a professional online service plan for your brand.


Specifically, it will assist you in:


  • Determining your core brand service values
  • Writing a customer service mission statement
  • And creating a #heroic client + customer service document that covers…


New clients

New customers

Upset clients/customers/fans


Online shop (ie: Etsy)










+ any niche review sites/forums


But that’s not all. You will also get in-depth questionnaires, checklists, guides, screenshot examples, cheat-sheets, and other goodies to improve your service savvy, like…


· The 7 Non-Negotiables: what you absolutely must have in place online + where in order to run a business people will want to buy from


· The 29-point checklist of things you need to implement to be a true professional + make people happy


· A 22-point scored questionnaire that will tell you exactly where you stand in terms of being a customer or client-oriented business


· 9 pages of super-serious, guided self-assessments that will help you understand your natural strengths + weaknesses when it comes to dealing with clients + customers…and what you can do to make real improvements


· 20 + customer service script suggestions to help you communicate appreciation, assistance, + apologies in your business


· and more…


PLUS I’ve included a bonus: 2 Testimonial Questionnaire cheat sheets — one for service providers and one for digital or physical product sellers — that you can use as-is (or alter as you wish) in order to get spectacular, persuasive testimonials from your delighted clients + customers!


Order Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan today!




The Delight workbook was created to work for small business owners who have an online presence, whether you are a service provider or a seller of products (digital or physical). It is especially useful for:


·  Graphic designers + web designers + copywriters


· Photographers


· Handmade sellers (artists, clothing makers, jewelers, paper crafters, etc…)


· Coaches + consultants + therapists


· Online entrepreneurs (e-course creators, membership site owners, etc…)


· Online-based freelancers


· Locally-based small business owners with 0-5 employees





How much does this workbook cost?

I’m offering Delight for just $11. It was crucial to me that I kept it affordable for even brand new business owners (who need to especially frugal).


Will I get a digital file or a physical product?

You’ll get an approximately 3.2 MB file in PDF format, which you can then print right from your home computer.


If and when you update the workbook in the future, will I need to buy it again?

Absolutely not. Every time I revise or expand this workbook, you’ll receive the latest version.


I don’t consider myself a “real business owner” right now — I’m just a blogger looking to make my brand more professional so I can further monetize + expand. Is there anything in this workbook for me?

Yes, yes, and yes. All of the guides, questionnaires, + checklists in Delight are valuable for the blogger whose goal is to gain credibility + influence, plus eventually expand into money-making activities like writing e-books or running an online community.


You’ll be able to apply many of the concepts immediately with your interactions on social media, in your blog comments, etc., AND you’ll avoid future costly mistakes with a solid service plan already in place.



buy Delight today!

Do you have any questions? Ideas for the next version? 😉 Other thoughts? Let me know below!



Erika Madden
(Chief Olyvia)

Cover photo (c) Danil Nevsky, Stocksy


Order Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan today!

  • Maybe if I hang around the site for awhile, I’ll have some of the Chief Olyvia ‘everything I create is genius and there is nothing you can do about it’ brilliance rub off on me! Ya’ think?

    I’ll sit her for awhile to find out ? Seriously, keep me on a monthly recurring fee and I’ll just sell whatever I have to in order to receive your greatness.

    Can’t wait to use my Delight workbook! Thanks, Erika!

    • Hahaha, oh my goodness. You are so awesome, Caressa. And just incredibly kind. 😉 Thank you for being SO encouraging. I really hope you love the workbook and find it useful!

  • Sharon

    I love your new book! The layout, the images, everything is just beautiful and I am now so inspired to move forward with creating my own. I would pay twice as much for this! Congrats, Erika!!

    • Oh wow. Sharon that is the best comment. That really means a lot to me coming from you. Thank you so very much!!

  • Congrats on launching this Erika! Everything you do is wonderful so I’ll absolutely be picking this up later today. It’s a fantastic idea for a product and I’m absolutely positive I’ll be able to implement much of it into my coaching service. Thank you!

    Rebecca, Clarity and Confidence Coaching for Bloggers

    • Rebecca, your comment is just wonderful and a tremendous encouragement. Thank you for the congratulations and vote of confidence. You are awesome. Please let me know if you have any questions/problems/thoughts whatsoever!

  • Cierra

    Sooooooo, I’m going to go off and buy this sacred text as soon as I finish typing up this comment! I’m in an online academy (first big blog investment) to better my (not-yet-to-be) business… So I KNOW I can make this investment, because I’m thinking about finally jumping into services like copywriting-NO MORE EXCUSES!!

    You’re a gem, you spew gems… How? I’ll never know. But I’m thankful for you! See you on the selling page! =)

    • You have the best attitude EVER, Cierra! I love it. Thank you so much for your business. I’d love to hear more about your business plans + see it when you launch! And please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way. 🙂

  • Wow, Erika, this is awesome. So much content for just 11 $ whaaaat?! This is crazy and so absolutely kind of you. It’s so gonna be on my wish list for christmas 😉

    This book is absolutely made for people like me who are just starting their blog / biz. I’m so grateful to have found you right at the beginning out this crazy journey 🙂 I think your site way actually the first I read for blogging tips, and I kept returning ever since.

    I couldn’t agree more with Caressa, you’re just plain genius! Thanks for rocking my blogging world on a daily basis, you’re awesome. Can’t wait for more to come 🙂

    x Mona |