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Olyvia Works: An Interview with Regina Anaejionu of

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Olyvia Works: Regina Anaejionu of


Today’s post features the kind + stunning + hilarious Regina Anaejionu, the creative and whip-smart force behind


In honor of her, I cannot go on without first sharing a short story of how we “met.” You’ll see why when I’m done.


A couple months before my website even LAUNCHED — it was nothing more than a humble “coming soon” page — I was pinning my first things to the Olyvia Pinterest account.


Naturally, like every blogger/business owner on Pinterest, I pinned some of Regina’s stuff.


(Because who can resist, right?)


The next thing I know, not only does Regina comment on one of those pins with a delightful thank you, she tells me:


I love your sweet logo on your website + your great cover photo on Twitter (not a stalker, I promise, just love good design). Can’t wait to see the site after it launches.”


Here I was with nothing going for me but a few pins, a few tweets, and one lonely website page…and this woman treated me like I was super cool!


Mind. blown.


I should have known then to expect a lot more out of Regina than I did, but at the time do you think I really expected her to notice my site after it launched?




But you can guess what happened by now, right?


She did notice.


And not only did she notice, she started telling her followers to check me out.


You and I both know: that’s rare. The average person, well…they just don’t do that.


But Regina is not the average person. Not even close.


From that day forward, I knew one thing for sure. She would always have a loyal fan, colleague, and friend in me.


Thank you, Regina, for your extraordinary class, hard work, and generosity. I am proud to share this space with a woman such as yourself.


And now, the interview:


1. Regina, you haven’t always run your own business. Tell me more about what was behind your decision to leave the standard 9-5, employee life behind and become a creative business + blog coach.


Honestly, I discovered two things: (1) I do not make a good employee when I’m not challenged or when I have supervisors that I’m pretty sure were sent from Mars to harass hard-working, stable-minded people with their nonsensical processes, and (2) even when I had somewhat challenging jobs and enjoyed working hard and helping to improve the company, at the end of the day, I was doing it all for someone else, and not working toward leaving a legacy for my family or completing my life’s work.


So, I stopped working for “The Man” and started my first real business (a cleaning business) and blog (a writing blog) and then second real business (freelance graphic design and websites) with a linked blog. I worked temp jobs or part-time positions if I needed or wanted extra money, and I’ve never, ever regretted leaving behind careers that were killing my creativity and brain and soul. Too dramatic? Oh well.


My graphic design business is what eventually morphed itself into my current brand, which has been providing a full-time income for which I’m very grateful. I enjoy connecting with people like me, who’ve discovered they’re not great employees when they’re not doing meaningful work. I love helping those people build blogs and freelance businesses. For lack of a better cliché phrase, all my new found friends mean the world to me.


Regina Anaejionu of


2. Describe the challenges you faced setting up your business.


Challenges? What are those? Hmm, let’s see. I faced (1) people laughing that Regina was starting yet another business, (2) learning how to truly budget and manage money (ongoing process), (3) working on projects I kinda hated just to pay the bills, (4) and then learning to say “no” so my creativity and joy didn’t suffer a slow death, (5) LONG hours and sometimes zero sleep to finish books, workbooks, products, and projects, all while friends thought I was sitting around in pajamas-which is probably what I was wearing, but still, (6) re-building my traffic and site after a re-brand this April, and (7) consistently creating content that I’m convinced will help people and content I can truly be proud of. Let’s just go top 7 challenges for now.


Oh, and if I were giving two pieces of advice (that I’d like to consider nuggets of wisdom) for anyone with similar challenges-find a friend who understands what you’re building and document your process. I started sending emails to my future self with It was so therapeutic and I felt like it wasn’t a diary since it was via email. Also, you get these emails in the future that make you laugh, cry, and all that stuff. It’s kinda epic.


3. You also teach Continuing Education classes at the University of Texas at Austin. Tell us more about how long you’ve been doing that and how you find it enhances your coaching and consulting services.


I’ve enjoyed teaching at UT Continuing Ed. for the past three years. Workshops and classes are so valuable because they allow you to hear the thoughts and frustrations of multiple people who have similar goals. These classes have been the biggest driver (outside of my blog friends) of the types of products I create and blog posts I write. Teaching also makes great connections and sets you up for even more speaking/teaching.


Regina Anaejionu of


4. You have some of the most — if not THE most — recognizable blog graphics out there. They’ve been pinned thousands upon thousands of times! What do you think is the success behind their viral nature? How can others improve their blog graphics so that they get noticed on sites like Pinterest?


Awwwww, Erika. Thank you. Seriously, I think the “secret” is ignoring the “rules” (mainly because there aren’t any) and creating something you think looks good. Most people are a member of their ideal audience. They’re either in a similar place as their audience, or they came from that place. So, it stands to reason that if an image or words or idea resonates with you, it will do so with your audience as well.


There were pro marketers who had research that convinced them you had to use red in your pins, and you couldn’t use human faces, or that your pins had to XYZ blah blah blah. I don’t snub my nose at all research, I just think that sometimes “research” can direct people to do a certain thing (not use human faces in pins) and then there’s even more data now to prove it’s a bad thing that people just don’t do. Two of my pins that have 10K+ repins have human faces. Don’t always follow the rules.


  • Grab a compelling image that you haven’t seen 127 times around the web already.


  • Put a title, tip, or quote from your post on said image.


  • Throw your web address (and optionally your logo) on the image.


  • Add some element (shape, Photoshop brush/effect, etc.) that makes your image stand out or match your brand even more.


Regina Anaejionu of


5. What has been your biggest biz success over the last two years…and what do you wish you could go back and do over?


Hmm, I guess actually it’s my recent Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media eKit. It’s a massive PDF (267-page eBook + workbook) + online lessons + an online community rolled into one. An excellent + motivated group of people have formed to go through the eKit together and I love love love learning from them.


And in the words of the immortal Shawn Spencer from the classic TV program Psych: “No takebacks. No doovers.” I’ve honestly learned so much from doing things “the wrong way” that I don’t want to go back and do anything over again. I think I could establish my business much faster than I did, but honestly, the fact that I didn’t gives me a greater sense of urgency for helping others avoid the unnecessarily long route.


6. Share your long-term, utterly crazy-but-delightful dreams for the byRegina brand with us!


Yikes. I’d like to get into technology and products that will make life easier for creative business owners, own a coworking facility on steroids (coffee shop, trainings, work space, epic design, etc.), and establish a workshop/conference that is not about leaving feeling inspired, but is about leaving after getting a lot of stuff DONE. It will be a WORKshop.


Regina Anaejionu of


7. And, lastly, what three books should every new small business owner have in their library, and what three websites should they have bookmarked?






  • a book to escape to that jostles your creativity (mine is whatever mystery novel or Mindy Kaling book looks good in the moment)


Interweb addresses:


  • your own site (love it, watch it, improve it, add to it)





You can connect with + support Regina on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.


What was the most  powerful / helpful part of Regina’s interview for you? Do you have an inspiring “Regina story?” Go on, share it below!



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)



Photos of Regina © (Olyvia Works pic), Walter Anderson (ninja turtles pic), Isaac Yzaguirre  (outside pic), Laurie Fryar (broadway hat & tie pic)



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  • Maya Elious

    I can’t get enough of her! Thanks for sharing this interview! I’m super proud, impressed and inspired by the launch of Regina’s Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media eKit grouped with her online course and workshop.

    • Maya, you’re really too good to me. I’m so glad I met both you and Erika online. It’s super easy to pin your stuff because y’all create such greatness. So basically, I selfishly enjoy y’all because you give me awesome stuff to fill my Pinterest boards and tweets with. Way to be selfless, Regina.

      Thank you for taking time to read this post. I love Erika’s blog and whole way of doing this online life, and was honored + happy to do this interview.

      Also, thanks for showing love to the eKit, it has been an amazingly fun experience.

    • Maya, it was an honor to share Regina’s story + wisdom. I agree, her launch of the eKit was extraordinary — and what’s more, I know it’s only going to get better and better!!

  • I LOVE REGINA!!! Totally not in a stalker way, but in a she-is-an-awesome-and-inspiring-woman-with-an-even-awesome-er-attitude! 🙂 She’s super cool. She’s stayed in touch through email & Twitter since I first commented on her blog a few months ago. Regina is the genuine article. I love her work ethic, her never-say-die attitude, and her blog is just packed full of goodness.

    This interview has awesome-sauce spilled all over it - two of my favorite women together?! Y’all both rock my socks off. Pinning, sharing, all that jazz. Keep it up Erika! Love these interviews!

    • Ah, see! Another great Regina testimonial! She brings such delightful human kindness to the online space; I am so grateful for her.

      And you are too sweet: thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait for the next interview… 😉 😉

    • Kirsten, thank you so much. That’s the most awesome, most hyphenated, most wonderful compliment ever. You’re so fun to follow along with on social media because you share fun + useful stuff, but you also spend a lot of time supporting others. It’s so major of you.

      Thank you for constantly encouraging others (and moi) + for checking out and sharing this interview.

  • I read your email this morning and started smiling at your story of Regina - so not surprised! And then I immediately headed here to read the rest.

    I love Regina! She’s so inspiring and so sweet! I discovered her blog and wanted to go to her Mimosas + Blogging Event but it was full 🙁 I’ve been following a long ever since. Regina is so sweet and genuine. She has been so encouraging to me when I feel like what I’m doing is crazy!! And now that she’s share her process and a bit about how long it takes her to do stuff, I’m even more grateful and thankful to her for taking the time to respond in almost blog post form to my emails!!

    Such a wonderful interview - I knew it would be! Also great work Erika! I discovered you from one of Regina’s tweets and I’ve been visiting ever since! 🙂

    • Keiz, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Regina! I love hearing how everyone has been influenced by her. I think she helps us all work that much harder in what we do, and do it with extraordinary class. For that I have so much gratitude and admiration. 🙂

      Also, Regina has introduced me to so many wonderful people over the last few months, which is just icing on the cake. I’m so happy to have met you and that you like my blog enough to visit, read, and comment. THANK YOU!

      • Of course, you’re so more than welcome!

    • You wonderful human. I can’t stand how encouraging you are. Thank you so much for saying that I’ve been encouraging, but I hope you realize what a beautiful business force you’ve been for me and others.

      And haha, yes, I do respond to emails like mini-books. It’s impossible to kick that habit. In life I’m an ambivert with few words, in digital I’m an ambivert who does not know how to shut up.

      I’m with you, I love this amazing space that Erika has built. Her desire to help others, give in-depth tips, and promote beautiful design and class throughout the web has probably drawn us all to her. I love her.

      P.S. Since you’re so close (distance-wise), we should totally have a small baby workshop one time and just brainstorm + get things done for our businesses. P.P.S. I’ll be in Houston next month.

      • Ha ha! Regina I’m an introvert all the way but I talk so much when I’m hiding behind a screen. I don’t know why…and thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

  • As I said on Twitter recently, Regina is my girl crush. She is an incredible walking testimonial of what hard work and determination can do. What I love most about her is that she actually gives practical and useful tips and strategies to get things done, not just to start to get the wheels turning. For people who are way beyond the blogging/biz basics but still need a lot of guidance and advice from a pro, this is immeasurably helpful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her goal to establish a conference/workshop where you walk away having accomplished a ton. That’s my kind of conference! She inspires me and teaches me. Thanks so much for showcasing her, Olivia. Regina knew what she was doing when she spread the word about you and your business!

    • Marissa, that’s just it! Regina actually helps people GET THINGS DONE. She is not afraid to deliver real, solid value, which clearly does not impede her ability to earn money at all. I love that she is blowing that myth out of the water in such a powerful way. 🙂

      I love her goal of WORKshop, too. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am so happy to hear from you!

    • Umm, Marissa, are you in front of a castle-like Mr. Darcy (slash) Mr. Knightley house in the picture on your About page? You are my official role model in life. Please, just share your top three tips to be like you and one day take a picture there . . . I’m completely serious. I’m obsessed with any and all versions of any and all Jane Austen works. I’ve read them all and watched them all (okay, in all fairness, one version of Masfield Park was badly done). Even went through a non-awkward phase in which I spoke Jane Austen (the language) with a friend for about a year.

      Soooo related to the blog post, I know. Oops.

      Thank you for your sweet words. I’m floored by how kind you are to me. And I’m so serious about this workshop of ours y’all. How does 2015 look for it?

  • Love this interview!! You asked the perfect questions!! Love the last one about the books as I’m obsessed with reading!! Regina is fantastic!! Love her stuff, she’s a godsend for us newbies!! Thanks Olivia & Regina!❤️

    • Aww, thank YOU Katelynn! And yes, godsend she is!

    • Katelynn, thank you for these lovely words. I enjoyed Erika’s questions so much. She really asks things that shows she took time to get to know you and things she feels her super readers will benefit from.

      I appreciate your comment and your time reading.

  • I love Regina too! I actually was introduced to her by another blogger on Twitter. I had no idea who she was then but she was super cool and nice and easy to talk to. Only after talking with her the first time on a video conference did I realize how big she was. I had no idea because she was so smart and so down-to-earth!

    Her blog posts are nothing short of amazing and she’s an incredible writer. Wish I had half her talent but am so glad to have discovered her!

    Great interview Erika and Regina!

    • Haha Oh Marianne, I desire her talent, too. 😉 I really love the way she is able to deliver her personality through her writing — I think that is a large part of why so many people are attracted to her (aside from her delicious content, of course). The more anyone can let their personality shine through in their copy + videos, the more attractive it is!

      Thank you so, so much for stopping by Marianne! (And I’m going to reply to your email today, I promise.)

    • Marianne, thank you so much for these words. They mean a lot to me. I had the same impression of you when we first G+ Hangout met. You were very easy to talk to, full of honesty + great ideas.

      Your comment is really so motivating and I appreciate so much that you spent time reading and leaving encouragement. I’ve gotten to learn a lot from both of you, so thank y’all.

      • Aww! SOO much love going on here! 🙂 Love to the both of you!

  • I think Regina is freaking awesome + she lives in my dream city! On point as always.

    • Seriously, right?! I only hear awesome things about Austin. That + Regina makes me want to go there.

    • Monique, thank you so much for reading this and for your sweet words. I re-looked at your site and just had to order your Geek is Gangster shirt. How epic are you? I can’t wait to wear that thing. Thank you for actively pursuing your dreams and responding to the constant call to create. I love your whole online/social presence!

  • Regina is most definitely my girl crush as well. I also found her on Pinterest and saved just about every one of her blog posts to my Evernote for safe-keeping. I sent her an email to let her know how much her stuff had helped me, and I was blown away that she responded and had taken the time to look at my site. I recently sent her something I was working on, and I was floored that she took the time to share it with her followers. She is a kind, genuine and funny person. I hope to get visit Austin someday so I can take her out for a round of margaritas and tacos to thank her in person for all the support she’s given me this year! Thanks for this interview, Erika.

    • Ah yes…it’s (sadly) common not to get a response to emails. Which is why I LOVE that you shared that tidbit about Regina — her dedication to people and relationships is such a huge breath of fresh air. She inspires me to be a better entrepreneur. <3

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, Susannah. And heck yeah, can I join you for those margaritas and tacos?! 🙂 (There seriously needs to be discussion of a Regina Party going on here if you ask me.)

    • Susannah, ahhhh Feast + West, it’s one of the prettiest places on the web, and written by one of the ladies with the best personality on the web. It’s so easy to share your work.

      Thank you for your stellar words. I’m serious when I say that they truly motivate me.

      You, Erika, and moi for margaritas and tacos in 2015, yes? Can we call it The Epic Margaritas + Tacos Blogger’s Brunch 2015 (#EMTBB2015) and invite others to join? Just a suggestion. Y’all can veto the name decision.

      • I am a big believer in deciding on your hashtag before planning all other details. So, yes, let the #EMTBB2015 commence ASAP!

  • Naomi Hattaway

    LOVE the concept of having a WORKshop where there is actual STUFF DONE! Sign me up, I’ll fly down for it! Or I’ll host the Virginia Branch!

    I do, however, love Do Overs. We celebrate them quite frequently in our home, when there has been something so fabulous about a particular day that we hope we get the chance for a do over …

    Thank you Erika for having Regina over!

    • Yep, the WORKshop is a must. Regina, I think you have your BIG goal for the next year laid out in front of you. 😉

      Naomi, love your take on do overs!!!

    • Oooooooooooh Naomi . . . so serious right now. Have you seen the movie About Time? It’s the most epic + beautiful movie I’ve seen in 10+ years and is such a wonderful do-over message film. If you’ve seen it, you probs know what I mean. If you haven’t, get tissues + laughs ready. It is beautiful.

      Also, about the topic at hand: thank you. I appreciate your comment. #WORKshop2015

  • Basically, Regina rocks! That’s all there is to it. Her blog has given me so much direction in my entrepreneurial journey that I can’t think of anything else! No more procrastinating or worrying about others, just doing what needs to be done! This interview was right on time - as I’m literally working on my site (and Freelance Business Plan) right now. xoxo, Ariel

    • Ariel, I am thrilled to hear from another Regina lover. 🙂 You put it so perfectly: no more procrastinating or worrying about others, just doing what needs to be done. I could not agree with you MORE. Thank you, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it so much. (And good luck with your site!!)

    • Ariel, haha, you are too wonderful to me. Wow. Thank you. Your comment is some amazing motivation right now.

      I wish you all the success with your business plan + site work. I know those can both be intense so it’s clear you’re no stranger to hard work. I love it. Would love to see what changes you make with your site. Would you please consider tweeting us when you’re done? Thank you.

  • I love interviews of amazing people! Erika, you are always emphasizing the importance of keeping our personality in our engagements and this is just another perfect example of how simply being yourself, not following all the rules, and never giving up on a dream to make a legacy for yourself will lead you to success.

    I love Regina’s quote, “I’ve never, ever regretted leaving behind careers that were killing my creativity and brain and soul.” This was pretty much my AH-HA moment when I decided to leave my last job and pursue my professional dream of starting my own business. I was making ok money and had a secure 8-5 job with benefits, but each day I could feel a little piece of my creativity fade away and I refused to accept that as “just how it is.”

    Both you ladies are such an inspiration to me and have been two of my greatest mentors through this scary exciting crazy adventure of building my own business. Thank you both for all your guidance!

    • Julie, you are a phenomenal woman. It has been such a joy to get to know you and watch you develop your brand. I love that quote from Regina as well; I, too, had to leave careers that were killing my creativity + soul, and though it was hard at the time…I do NOT regret it, either. Life is so short. And I refuse to settle.

      I love knowing other women like yourself and Regina that feel the same way. It makes me very happy. 🙂 THANK YOU.

    • Julie, wow. I love that you left such awesome feedback. Thank you. I also love that you had your AH-HA moment and aren’t too afraid of the work it takes to get there. I think we’re all scared, but I love seeing examples of people like you and Erika who accept the fear and WORK hard anyway.

      Thank you Julie. You’re one of my absolute favorite people to connect with online.

  • mdcartisticdesigns

    Two of my favorite entrepreneurs in one blog post, it’s almost too much to take! Seriously, you ladies rock the business world in a classy, inspiring, and fun way! Your integrity shines through and through. There is no secret Erika that I have met Regina through you on Twitter and I have admired both your work from a virtual outlet. I absolutely love the Olyvia Works spotlight because I love discovering new and interesting people and the fact that I got to learn more about this lovely lady, Regina, makes this post that more special. I love Regina’s brand and it definitely caught my eye when I visited her website. I love her unconventional style, humorous quips, and keeping it real. Doing things her way definitely helps her to stand out in a highly professional and trusting way. This is what I love about her and gives her an edge. I’m one of the smart ones (I’ll use that term only once, I promise) to have purchased her Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media e-Kit. I’m taking it in in bite-size chunks since it’s my busiest time of the year, however, if you are reading this Regina, I have stopped at page 11 and have started putting some of my methods into action. Thank you! To the both of you, your work is inspiring and your input, posts, etc, has been very helpful to me.

    • Oh Marlene! You are wonderful. 🙂 I feel so blessed to know business women like yourself. You have been nothing but real and genuine, and I just am soooo grateful for that.

      I agree with you: doing things “her way” is what makes Regina stand out so much and endears her to so many people. I really believe that the more you can inject YOU into your brand, the more successful it will become. 🙂

      And hahaha, you are MOST DEFINITELY one of the smart ones for purchasing her e-Kit!!

    • Marlene, not only is the beautiful necklace I ordered from you one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, but you are one of my favorite entrepreneurs I’ve interacted with online. Your support and encouragement is very motivating.

      I can’t even with your sweet words here. Thank you so much. And I’m hoping that some of that info on pages 1 - 11 is helping/motivating in some way. I really appreciate that you grabbed a copy of the eKit and are working through it.

      Now I’m just trying to bribe Erika into working on a project with me so I can selfishly take part in her brilliance and wonderful online presence.

      • mdcartisticdesigns

        It would be AMAZING to see a partnership evolve between you two. I truly hope this happens since you both have star power :). Thank you again for your kind words about your necklace. I’m truly happy that you love it and that it’s one of your favorite! It was a pleasure working with you on this piece. As for the e-book, I’ve managed to commit to an online group as to exchange with some other designers and I’m loving the relationships that are developing there. I’m also thinking about partnering with other creatives to begin hosting a challenge in the new year. Nothing is defined yet, I’m running like a “chicken with no head” right now, so it has to wait a bit. I’m also attending a fair this weekend, a first, and this is offline so I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop there. Plus, I have a trunk show scheduled this month at a customer’s home. She will greet some of her friends while I introduce my jewelry :). All new things being put into action. I like taking action and this is what I needed.

  • Hi Erika,

    Love this interview. I fully admit to being a Regina stalker (no shame). Such vibrancy and honesty is hard to come by in real life so to encounter it on the web is a gift. And you too, Erika. You actually thanked me for repining a post of yours and that blew me away. So now I have two online Mentors :). I love the idea of a Workshop and it’s funny because I have been eyeing an old warehouse around where I live that I thought would be a great place to turn into work zones for entrepreneurs so they don’t have to pay the exorbitant London rent. A place to work, collaborate, chill and be productive. So now I have another thing to put on my to do list (yikes!). Once again, thank you for this interview - both the interviewer and the interviewee are awe inspiring

    • Awww Tope. Wow. I owe you a sincere thank you; that is such a generous and beautiful thing to say. I’m so glad you came by and took the time to tell me that. <3

      I think the workspace idea is a FANTASTIC one! I know of several in my general area (when I say that, I mean a few hours away -- Montana is big!)...but they are almost entirely male. Which, don't get me wrong, I like guys fine. But women have a different vibe, and sometimes it can be intimidating for women entrepreneurs to go into a space that's male-dominated. I also think it would be excellent to have a workspace that offers childcare for all of us "mompreneurs!"

      So anyway, what I'm saying is, I think you should DO IT. 🙂

    • Tope, wow. Your words always have the power to make me smile and encourage me. Thank you for taking the time to use them to uplift others-which is no surprise, since you and your brand are all about helping people.

      You and Erika are both wonderful models of how to treat people in real life and online.

      OHMYGOODNESS. About this warehouse. If you ever decide to do anything with it, can Erika and I please fly over and visit, or help? I’m 100% serious. I’d love to help, or simply awe in your excellence.

      Thank you for your comment Tope.

  • Wow! Regina not only has exceptional talent in design, writing and style, she makes others feel important. That’s a 1-2 punch of power!

    Erika, I didn’t know you did these highlight interviews! Awesome! I’ll be watching for more good stuff!

    • Amy, thankyouthankyou for reading and commenting! I’m so excited to know that you like these interviews. I’ll keep doing them as long as people love ’em!

    • Amy, isn’t Erika’s site stupid amazing? (That’s a compliment by the way for anyone reading.)

      Thank you for your wonderfully kind words. And thank you for reading this. I appreciate your time Amy.

  • I happened upon Regina’s site a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. Not only is her site attractive, she gives great information and her readers are a source of inspiration as well. You too now have a new reader. Thanks Erika.

    • Reginia is here . . . yessssss. Thank you so much for coming by to read the ramblings of a similarly-named woman. I appreciate your kind words. They motivate me. Also, Erika is a wealth of epic information. Y’all are both classy ladies online.

      Thank you for your time.

    • Thank YOU! I’m so happy you stopped by, took the time to read, and share your encouragement. I look forward to getting to know you!

  • Harrah! I agree with Kirsten - - two of my favorite bloggers in one place? Too good to be truth! Ya know what, Erika, I think I discovered you through one of Regina’s many fantastic social media shout-outs…and I’m SO glad I did! Y’all are both so generous and open-hearted with your readers, it really inspires me to be the same way! Also, it was great to hear more about Regina’s awesome Pinterest images. They really are so eye-catching and just scream “Regina!” whenever I come across them in my feed (a sign of fantabulous branding). Thanks for this fantastic interview, Erika! And for sharing your wisdom bombs with us, Regina!

    • I am sure you probably did discover me due to Regina — that girl is more amazingly generous than anybody I know! I owe her a million thank-yous. (Or maybe a dozen tacos will do the job?)

      You are just the kindest person, Lauren. 🙂 You make me smile. Thanks for the comment, I lovvvve them!

    • Lauren, thank you for your lovely words. Generous and open-hearted are actually some of the best words to describe you as well, so thank you for the compliment.

      Speaking of images: I like your sidebar images a lot. It’s how I got lost on your Ikea hack post and a few others-and OHMYGOODNESS, your DIY wedding series: I can’t believe you offer all that great information for free, but it goes along with you being so open and helpful. I’m sure that already brings in 1.5 gagillion visitors per day, but (so so sorry for the unsolicited Pinterest thought) have you thought about yet another custom pin that highlights some of the stuff people will learn/do during the series and then linking it to that page? You have such a strong following on Pinterest, I think a pin like that could do quite well >>> main image, DIY wedding series title, then 3- 5 key points such as: “7 tips for finding the best venue” + “the cardinal dress-shopping rule worth breaking” + “10 ways to make your wedding guests feel welcome” + “and much more!” I’m not even planning a wedding and I think I would just have to click + save on a pin such as that. Just a thought. Ignore me if I sound crazy-wait, please don’t do that. I would always be ignored then.

      Also, congratulations on the eBook launch. November is going to be epic.

      • That is a SMART tip!! (Taking notes here, don’t mind me.)

      • Oh! I’m lovin’ that tip! Great way to sort of give folk a glimpse into the meat of what the series has to offer. It was a bear of a series to write and so I’m ALL FOR getting it out there for folk to enjoy and glean insights from! Adding it to my bloggy to do list RIGHT NOW! (Thanks for taking the time to share that tip, Regina. And for your oh so kind response. My day has been made!)

  • Erika, I think childcare is such a wonderful idea. Obviously I know amazing people to take care of children can be expensive, but I feel like you can be smart about building in the fees to membership to cover it. or you could have a few hours per month that are available for free and then charge after that. If gyms and other workplaces are able to do it, I’d love to be able to offer it so moms don’t have to worry about their children, but so that they can also get work done and not pay a fortune (or hopefully anything extra at all).

    • I agree! I find that childcare is really one of the biggest obstacles to networking/collaborating for entrepreneurial moms, so to include that is a big draw. There’s an athletic club chain here whose main marketing message is having “amazing childcare.” It’s included in their (very affordable) membership fee and it has created a huge buzz around town. Which is interesting, since there are other gyms with free childcare. But it’s sort of added on as an afterthought + the environment doesn’t seem so hot. (“Here, play in this germy tunnel while I, the 17 year old employee, sits here and looks bored at the desk.”)

  • I’m a total Regina-Lovin’ kinda gal. HA! I just love her energy. Thanks for always giving one million great ideas.

    Thanks Erika for this interview!

    • Amy, as you may know, you are one of my favorite Internet humans. Thank you for taking time to read this. I appreciate the comment + it was a super fun interview, mainly because Erika really takes the time to get to know you and ask great questions.

    • Amy, I love her energy, too! She keeps me on my toes. 😉 Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment, Amy!

  • AWWW. And YES! On the WORKshop!

  • Regina you are one incredibly inspiring lady! Loved reading this interview and learning even more about you and how you got started in your business. I admire your determination + strength so much, especially when you were just starting out. Total proof that you can really achieve anything when you set your mind to it. Love the idea of Future Me - what a brilliant way to keep yourself accountable!

  • It warms my heart to read this and see everyone’s testimonials about the amazing-ness that is Regina. Her blog has been such an inspiration to me and I’m so looking forward to one day getting an opportunity to work closer with her. This was a great read!!

    • Carmella—yessss. Any ideas of what you’d like to collaborate/work on? I’d love to hear.

      Thank you so so much for your kind words. Your comment is a serious motivator. I appreciate your time.

      • Thanks for your response! I applied for 50 work days and I have my fingers crossed I make the cut! I’m sure you had an overwhelming response from well qualified ladies, you seem to have a very dedicated following

        • Carmella, I’m so happy you came here and took the time to encourage me + Regina. 🙂 Thank YOU. I can’t wait to get to know you more!

  • Luisa RD

    Just came across this post -Awesome story on how you guys met! I love Regina’s stuff! It’s so informative and inspirational. I’m just getting started with the Audience-Building Ninja course 🙂 … I can’t wait to get through it an put some things in to action.