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Olyvia Works: An Interview with Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley of Savouring Simplicity

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Are you using social media effectively to grow your blog or business? Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley of Savouring Simplicity shares her thoughts on mistakes people make when promoting their brand, + tips on entrepreneurship and being a mom business owner. | Olyvia.co

You know me: I can't get enough of the kind + brilliant women in the world. Women who know their stuff inside, outside, and sideways -- but don't let it go to their head.

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley of Savouring Simplicity is that kind of woman.

A social media consultant and life coach for holistic women entrepreneurs, this lady is making a big impact in her space. But every time I see her, guess what she's doing?

She's out there reaching out to + cheerleading for other women.

And not just influencers, but the new gals. The women who really need it.

Obviously, I couldn't NOT have her on here. (Let's pretend that makes sense. haha)

Today Elizabeth is going to share:

  • How she uses her multiple passions to offer services she loves

  • The hardest thing she had to do as a new entrepreneur

  • How she juggles motherhood with work, and the one smart thing other mompreneurs should do if they're struggling with time

  • Her brilliant strategy for getting more brand exposure

  • Why social media is completely misunderstood and misused by small and big businesses alike -- and 4 epic tips on how to use it the right way

Here she is! ...

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Olyvia Works: An Interview With Julie Harris of Julie Harris Design

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Julie Harris of Julie Harris Design shares her thoughts on the key skill women entrepreneurs should have today, her top budget-minded branding + marketing tips, and her favorite business resources.

What do you do when the career path you always thought you wanted -- and what you spent years preparing for -- ends up taking a much different path than you originally intended?

Life has a funny way of revealing our unique talents + passions to us while we're busy pursuing something else, and that's where we begin our interview today.

Enter: Julie Harris, self-proclaimed "theatre nerd" turned brand and business designer + strategist at Julie Harris Design.

Full disclosure? Julie is one of my favorite BBFs (business best-friends) and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I've been waiting for this interview for-FREAKING-ever.

She is 100% class, 100% smart, and 100% kind -- which, if you're keeping up here, makes her 300% pure awesome. ;)

Today Julie is going to share:

  • When she realized she loved being a behind-the-scenes director more than an on-stage star

  • Why starting her own business terrified her...

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Olyvia Works: An Interview with Christina Channell of PreCussion for Kids

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Olyvia Works: Christina Channell of PreCussion for Kids, Inc. shares how she's built a thriving business while raising and homeschooling her 3 young children. | Olyvia.co

As a woman here in the United States I keep bumping up against this awful, ugly myth that says we can't be a "good" mother and wife while doing something of our own.

Whether we want to do something as big as a holding a demanding job outside the home or as small as nudging along a blog in the evenings, there are people out there who love to tell us we just can't have it all.

Well, I'm here to tell you something, ladies: that's ridiculous.

Today's Olyvia Works interview is with a woman who can prove it.

Christina Channell is the owner of PreCussion for Kids, Inc. A percussion instructor for children, Christina is also a happily married mother of three (utterly adorable) children -- that she homeschools no less.

(Basically, she's a rockstar. But a totally relatable one, which is why I loveLOVE that's here.)

She inspires me to no end, and I know you're going to find her smart, no-nonsense approach to life a kick in the buns for whatever it is you want to do (but have been told that, as a woman with a hubby and/or kids, you can't.)

Here she is!

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Olyvia Works: An Interview with Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea And Saving Grace

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Olyvia Works: An interview with Kirsten Thompson of http://sweetteaandsavinggraceblog.com/

Every time I see Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea And Saving Grace pop up in my email or on my social media accounts, I am left in the best. mood. ever.

Her combination of southern charm, humility, and plain ole hard work is seriously irresistible!

And that's why it was a no-brainer that I had to feature her on Olyvia Works. :)

Kirsten holds down a full-time job while also working as a Virtual Assistant, running her successful blog, and being wife + mom. (You're already in awe of her, aren't you? I know I am!) In today's interview she shares:

  • Why she walked away from her blog for 6 months
  • What it was like to completely rebrand + tips to make it easier
  • How to avoid (or bounce back from) burnout
  • Tips on monetizing your blog
  • Her best blog organization strategy
  • 3 must-have blog + biz tools

Her stuff is GOOD, so I'm going to stop talking and let her take it away!

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Olyvia Works: An Interview with Regina Anaejionu of ByRegina.com

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Olyvia Works: Regina Anaejionu of byRegina.com

Today's post features the kind + stunning + hilarious Regina Anaejionu, the creative and whip-smart force behind byRegina.com.

In honor of her, I cannot go on without first sharing a short story of how we "met." You'll see why when I'm done.

A couple months before my website even LAUNCHED -- it was nothing more than a humble "coming soon" page -- I was pinning my first things to the Olyvia Pinterest account.

Naturally, like every blogger/business owner on Pinterest, I pinned some of Regina's stuff.

(Because who can resist, right?)

The next thing I know, not only does Regina comment on one of those pins with a delightful thank you, she tells me:

"I love your sweet logo on your website + your great cover photo on Twitter (not a stalker, I promise, just love good design). Can't wait to see the site after it launches."

Here I was with nothing going for me but a few pins, a few tweets, and one lonely website page -- and this woman treated me like I was super cool!

Mind. blown.

I should have known then to expect a lot more out of Regina than I did, but at the time do you think I really expected her to notice my site after it launched?


But you can guess what happened by now, right?

She did notice.

And not only did she notice, she started telling her followers to check me out.

You and I both know: that's rare. The average person? Well. They just don't do that.

But Regina is not the average person. Not even close.

From that day forward, I knew one thing for sure. She would always have a loyal fan, colleague, and friend in me.

Thank you, Regina, for your extraordinary class, hard work, and generosity. I am proud to share this space with a woman such as yourself.

And now, the interview:

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