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How Do I Get Noticed On Facebook?

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How to get noticed on Facebook: how to set up it up (the right way) and take your Page from amateur to pro.


You want your business to stand out and get noticed on Facebook.


You’re wondering what it takes to get more followers, more likes, and more comments — without feeling or looking like a sleazeball.


Any of that sound familiar? Yep, same here.


I’ve launched and managed quite a few Facebook Pages over the years and let me tell you: it was A LOT easier to get attention back then.


You really didn’t have to do anything special because there was a lot less competition. And you didn’t have to fight Facebook’s algorithms to show up in your fans’ newsfeeds!


But now? It’s different. There are like 1,252,173,450 Pages (or something like that) vying for people’s “likes.”


You’re lucky if you can get even 10% of your followers see your posts.


(I wish that was a joke.)


To grab people’s interest so that they’ll follow you — not to mention think you’re cool enough to give you likes and the highly coveted comment — takes a killer combo of smarts + beauty + charm.


But it’s not impossible. There are a lot of Pages both big and small that are getting it right, and you can, too.


Last week I gave you a “meaty” blog post (thanks, Kirsten!) all about how to begin getting people to perk up and take notice of you online.


I want you to start there, and then watch today’s video that covers four more solid strategies to take your Facebook Page from “ho hum” to “whoa, she’s got it together!”


In it I talk about:


#1 - The importance of images and consistent visual branding


#2 - Why completing your About description is key


#3 - What sort of content you should be sharing to stand out from the crowd of businesses all wanting to make a buck


#4 - How to use Facebook Insights to increase your visibility and engagement


Watch it now:



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Pages mentioned:


Clary and Macy

By Regina

Mari Smith

Nikki Elledge Brown


Misc. resources:


How to upload custom app images  (+ proper dimensions)

How to add multiple links (to social networks, etc.) on your About page



Thanks for watching my very FIRST video. (I think that calls for some sort of celebration, don’t you?! Heck yeah.)


If you liked it, tell me about it below — or send me a shout out via your social network of choice!



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  • Loved it Erika! I just added my social media contact to my about page … I still need to get that fluffed up thought. Adding it to my to do list!

    • You know, I have to do the same for mine. 😉 (Social media is always a work in progress!) I had a long description and all that good stuff, then decided it didn’t exactly fit my brand…so I deleted it all. Hahaha.

      I’m sooo glad you liked it, Naomi!

  • You’ve done it again - filled your post up with awesome sauce! Hey, thanks for the shout-out, by the way - totally made my morning 😉
    I jotted notes the whole way through your video - gonna work on my FB about page, and try posting more “in real life” photos to my page. The few times I’ve shared personal posts, like funny convos with my hubs, pics of my dogs or my daughter…they always perform well. Not sure why I don’t do it more often. I think we get so caught up in making sure we share relevant content that we forget to be real and relatable, and that’s much more relevant than any blog post we can put together.
    Thanks Erika! I’ll be sharing this for sure!

    • Kirsten you rock. I love that you took notes. 😉 And you’re precisely right. Often what we think is relevant isn’t actually relevant to our audience…! In the beginning I used to post social media marketing articles I found around the web, and NOBODY responded. I quickly learned that what I thought was helpful wasn’t jiving with everybody else. 😀

    • Thanks so much for sharing this with me, Kirsten! Picked up some great tips…and discovered some fab new FB pages. Love your style and spirit, Erika. 😉

      • Lauren, I appreciate that so much. Thank you for taking the time to watch!

  • A big WOO HOO for your first video. Congrats. I don’t do FB for my page (was overwhelmed) but do so for other clients. This was great. I say keep doing it!

    • Maritza, THANK YOU for watching (and commenting). Facebook can definitely be overwhelming — particularly if you’re the only one running it. I say good choice in focusing only on what you can handle!

      I plan on doing a Twitter vid next. I appreciate the encouragement to keep going!

  • mdcartisticdesigns

    Loved hearing your voice Erika! 🙂 I definitely need to put some “meat” in my About page. Thank you! I share personal posts as well, but not of my little one. I’m not comfortable with that. My personal FB page is private and a few lucky friends and family members get to see him. I’ll only post if I can hide his face. That said, I agree with you to add a little bit of your personality to the whole package :).

    • Haha thank you so much, Marlene. I was nervous! So it’s nice to hear good feedback. 😀

      You bring up an excellent point about privacy and I totally understand your thoughts on that. I still struggle with whether I want to share photos of my children. Definitely DO NOT do that if you don’t feel comfortable. I agree: you can be plenty personal with just yourself and/or your environment. 🙂

  • Amen. Consistency is key! Love this.

  • Erika you are too sweet! I loved your first video. Simple. Straight forward. Specific. It’s the simple aspects of Facebook that are so important and often get under utilized.

    I also loved how your shared all the personal aspects that should be applied, even on a business page. Like you said, “it looks like one of your friends” and thats the goal right? To really befriend your followers and build a relationship together. Don’t be afraid to be “human”, even on a business page. This is a new goal for me. Thank you!

    I am slightly conflicted about the “About” page section of Facebook. As my website will be my main home base for information and resources, I don’t know if it is better to keep my “about” section brief and simple with a link to my site, or fill it out as throughly as the resource you used did - providing a full bio and background. Is that too much information for a SM page, or does it really make the difference for search engines by providing that information to help spread your awareness throughout the web?

    I’m afraid of overwhelming my followers with too much information, but I don’t want to seem too simple and unprofessional by not including enough professional references…. I know there is no right or wrong necessarily but I’m interested in your opinion here?

    • Julie, thank you for the detailed feedback! That means a lot to me. I’m really happy my tips were helpful!!

      As far as the amount of information to include on your Facebook page, I am of the camp that is better to err on the side of “too much” rather than “too little.” That said, I DON’T think you need to be as detailed and extensive as Mari Smith. Before I deleted mine so I could start over, I had about 2-3 short paragraphs and I felt that was a good overview without being overly wordy or too sparse.

      While I definitely agree that your website should be the main resource for information about you, now it’s not unusual for people to discover you through Facebook first. My professional opinion is that your Facebook description has to be interesting enough for them to WANT to go further and visit you on your website. If you don’t give them something compelling or that provides some advanced knowledge of who you are and what you do, it’s likely they’ll just click on out and forget about you. That’s the main reason why I think EVERY social media channel should be as descriptive as possible.

      Big public figures and major businesses can oftentimes get away with not having much information because people already know who they are. But for the average business, particularly one that is online-based or doesn’t have a brick & mortar location, they need to work harder to stand out and help people know their who/what/why/where/how. (There’s my journalism education coming out. haha)

      Does that make sense, Julie? 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this. It is very informative and I learned about things that are on my page that I didn’t even know could be changed. So I am going to be busy updating my facebook business page now. I have shared the link for this with a team that I am on on Etsy. I’m sure they will be interested in your information also.

    • Donna, you are more than welcome. I’m so excited to hear that I helped you discover something new about Facebook! Thank you for reading, and I hope that the information also proves useful to your team. If you have any further questions, I’m more than happy to assist.

  • Lori Lawrence

    Great Advice! I can definitely see how applying each of the four tips will help me get noticed AND look a bit more professional. I’m just starting out so I’m taking all the tips I can get! Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for this video-I really need to get with it with my facebook page! 🙂 I really want to find out how everyone is doing the cute customized apps-do you have a good (non-techy) tutorial for that? Thanks for the thoughts about checking insights as well. I’ve glanced at them but have never really looked…just learned some interesting stuff about my audience, so thanks! As always, this post is awesome! Sharing it and pinning it everywhere! 🙂

  • LaTourStudio

    Thanks for this video. The tip I find the most useful, and rarely heard of, is the one where you advise to give a human side to a business page. I have focused on staying coherent and professional, and I had forgotten this point.
    When I think of it, when I follow a business on Facebook, I’m always happy to see people’s faces, working places, and I tend to engage in communication with them more, when they post this kind of information. I’ll keep this in mind for my future posts.
    And for now, I’ll keep visiting your website. Thanks again!

  • Erika, great job of highlighting the good practices of each example. Got some good ideas from the examples you used. Also, I thought you did an excellent job getting through the information without getting bogged down on any one detail. Thanks for the information!

  • Amancio

    I just loved the video about creating Facebook page for business. very good article.
    You can also get good information at
    Good luck.

  • Renee McClintock

    This was fantastic! Thank you!!

  • Loved this, thanks! I didn’t fill out any of my about section! Eeeek! Off to fix that.

  • kate

    Okay next up ABOUT PAGE on FB!!! thank you for the tips!!! Big thanks from a NEWBIE!

  • Stephanie Webb

    Very cool, thank you for your insights. I have just set up a Facebook page and don’t really know what I’m doing with it yet so that has given me a really good jumping off point.

  • Very good advice. Still not sure about putting a whole pile of effort into pages that need a whole lot of effort to be seen by a hole lot of algorithm bots that make sure they are not seen unless I pay FB adverts.

  • Tiffany Wheelright

    Thank you Erika! Your video was so helpful! I really have a feel for what I am doing when it comes to Facebook promotion now. Before I was pretty lost.

  • Stephen

    Comment by: Stephen Walker

    Hi Erika,

    Your video is superb and I have learned so much new about Facebook.

    The section on the about page was great as it is a section I have consistently ignored - no more.

  • Amazing video! Love it that you use video content!

  • Thank you for wrapping it all together! 🙂 You have been very helpful and demonstrative.

  • Lindsay @ LindsayLyall[dot]com

    Thank you so much! I’m pumped and ready to get my blog fb page up and running!

  • Sumaya Kabbara El Ayoubi

    I loved it Erika, you gave us a great advice, thank you so much.

  • Andrea Foster Engbretsen

    That was very helpful, thanks! Have discovered several other links that look very interesting on your pages! As a new [as a business] blogger, I’ll be here awhile!! Andrea -

  • Hi Erika! I’m new to your blog and really enjoyed this article + video. Thank you for including FB page examples…that’s exactly what I needed so I can go study what they do “up close!” Will look for you on FB.

  • Bonnie Fauler

    Hi, Erika! I am soooo happy that you have these in-depth posts for us to read and incorporate into our business lives. I started Joyful Ladybug Fashions in 2012 and had very little knowledge of how to introduce my product, well-made doll clothes, online. Your posts are inspiring me to look at presentation more effectively for my customers. The examples you showed are very helpful.Thanks!

  • Ursula Brett

    Thanks sooo much for all these tips!

  • Cari Revilla

    Thanks Erika for the informative & easy to understand video. I’m trying to increase my brand awareness & generate sales through FB. As a new small biz, learning about social media platforms can be daunting.