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How Do I Get Noticed On Twitter?

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How to set up Twitter to get your blog + business noticed and get followers.


Here we are again, friends. It’s video numero two in our sleaze-free series helping you get your business — or blog — noticed online!


This week I have a brief training for you on growing your following and get noticed on Twitter.


Now, before I show it to you, I have an admission to make.


I used to get really stressed out about Twitter when I first made a personal account.


I had NO idea what I was doing, and to be honest it felt downright creepy to be posting things when I had, like, 4 followers.


Looking back, though, I realize I made wayyy too much fuss over it. I was Googling “top secret” strategies that could help me stand out when the reality was that all I had to do was use Twitter in the way it was intended:


To talk to people + share some new thoughts/content.


It doesn’t have to be any harder than that, and that’s the truth.


But, like with all social media sites, within that framework there are some guidelines. And there are definitely better ways to present yourself on Twitter than others. 😉


The video today should help you with the most essential FYIs.


In it I talk about:


#1 - The importance of a balanced, compelling profile description


#2 - Why your tweets need to have variety


#3 - What mistakes many people are making with hashtags


BONUS: I also may or may not gush over Russell Crowe and confess my affection for Leonardo DiCaprio. (Just sayin’.)


Now that you’re sure to watch (hahaha), go ahead:



Click to tweet: “To get the most out of Twitter, it’s better to be real than to be perfect.” - Erika Madden @OlyviaMedia





Pages mentioned:


Lauren Lanker

Lauren Cash

Russell Crowe

Leonardo DiCaprio


Misc. resources:


Free Twitter cover photo template (PSD, aka Photoshop file) popular words in each niche, analytics, and so much more

Hootsuite (because it’s awesome…when used under the influence of common sense)



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Thanks for watching, but more than that, thank you for your lovely + exciting + steadfast support. I love doing this for you guys.



Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)



P.S. What was your favorite part of the video? 🙂






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  • ha. I thought your video had weird background music, and it turned out being my alarm on my new phone. Glad it wasn’t your video. Great Twitter tips!

    • LOL Oh wow, I’m sure glad it wasn’t either!

      And thank you so much. 🙂

  • Another great video, Erika! This is such a great medium for you. The whole point of Social Media is to be social, so demonstrating your points in real time through the use of the video is really awesome. It helps make the tips more tangible, seeing them in action! I love that you are always emphasizing making a human impression.

    Twitter was probably one of the scariest platforms for me to us because as you said, it felt like I was talking to no one… But just like all the other platforms, people socialize with people not robots. “Gotta’ have soul!”

    #Hashtags are always a little tough for me. I either forget to add them, or I write too much in the tweet and run out of room for the “#”. But you’re right about how important they can be to attract new followers. I need to make a point to use them more.

    P.S. I loved the little reference to your kids haha

    • Julie, you are such a wonderful support for me. I love to hear that the videos are helpful and likable, because I have to confess: it’s intimidating! (And aren’t we always so overly critical of ourselves?) I could just hug you!

      I know a lot of people are so intimidated by Twitter that they try it out for a week and then they abandon their accounts. It’s not hard to see why, particularly if you don’t already know a lot of people using the platform. But I’ve seen so much good fruit from it that I encourage people to stick with it — it’s really been more effective for me in building relationships and acquiring new business/blog friends than Facebook.

      Hashtags are crazy. 😉 I so feel you on the running out of room problem!

  • Whoo hoo! So honored for the feature and kind words in your video today, Erika! Glad to know you enjoy my DIY shoe pic…unconventional though it may be. I do like busting out of the box sometimes. 😉 #rebel Another rockstar video! Had to share it!

    • I do love it! It IS unconventional and that’s why it’s awesome. 😀 Thanks so much for watching and sharing, Lauren!

  • I loved it! I have to add #IwantToSeeErikaInTheseVideos though …

    • Hahaha Oh yes. Well, as the saying goes, all in due time m’dear, all in due time… 😉 (I will make an appearance soon!) Thanks for the comment, Naomi, I appreciate it.

  • mdcartisticdesigns

    Erika, this video was so helpful to me. Twitter is definitely the most scariest social media platform for me and I’m still struggling to figure it all out. I often wondered if I had the right cover photo because I wanted it to be a little more personal and it does link to my description, so based on what you said, I seem to be okay. I’m glad you’ve put into words what the purpose should be. You do that so well :). I must admit that I am guilty of forgetting to add # or I struggle to complete my posts in 140 characters. I’m French, eh! We talk lots … :). I know a lot of people schedule their tweets and I often wonder how you can have real time engagement when you do that? I have not done this because I feel I would not develop any real relationships online (I do believe you can develop those, if done right). Do you have any advice about doing it right? Or, it’s just not the right path to go on? Thanks, this was a great video!

    • Marlene, I really like your cover photo on Twitter. It’s a gorgeous shot, plus I think it ties in to your brand even though it is not strictly jewelry related. Twitter can be a bit more flexible in that regard, as long as it does not conflict with your brand personality and/or “cheapen” it.

      I’m so glad you asked about scheduling tweets. I think it’s OK, with a big ole IF. That is, IF it’s only certain content such as: a blog post you want to repost the next day, and then the next week. (Because keeping track of those small promotional things can be a time-suck.)

      Or, perhaps, a link to another person’s blog post that you want to share but maybe it’s 10 PM at night and you know nobody is going to see it if you tweet it out right then.

      Or, you’re holding a Google Hangout webinar like Regina did recently and you want to announce reminders several times via Twitter while you’re over on Google getting things prepped and going.

      Situations like that are, in my judgment, acceptable and common sense uses for scheduling tools. But you’re right, used the wrong way (or overused) and you won’t have any real time engagement + people will get used to knowing you’re not actually behind the screen so they won’t even bother with you at all. You want to avoid that at all costs!

      So, ultimately, use any scheduling tool with good judgment. If you do schedule out a tweet, my advice is to try to do it for a time when you have a pretty solid expectation that you’ll be available to respond. Thank you for your question, Marlene. I hope I helped shed some light on the situation for you!

      • mdcartisticdesigns

        Erika, thank you for taking the time to respond! Your suggestions are very useful and I totally get it, just did not think it through. This makes a lot of sense and I may use this in the near future.

  • Kelly

    Thanks so much! Still learning twitter for our blog, and we so appreciate this!

  • Learning2Bloom

    Thank you for the tips. I have a Twitter account, but I’m honestly still trying to figure out how to use it. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do there! lol. I just started following you on Twitter. Hopefully, I can use your ideas and start being more personal. Thank you!!

    • Twitter is tough to get used to — I feel you! It took me a good 3 months of using it on a near-daily basis to start to feel comfortable. (Did I mention I’m an introvert? Haha. Are you, too?) Thanks for your comment!

  • Austin Iuliano

    The very best Twitter marketing secret is the native video function This is hands down the best way to get attention and build relationships. Last year I sent over 1437 unique messages to my audience. This year I am looking at doing 100 a week.

  • Jasmine Bennett

    Great video! Good info and tips that I’ll definitely use on my new blog 🙂

    • Yay Jasmine! So happy to hear that!

      • Jasmine Bennett