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Want To Know How To Delight Your Customers? 13 Savvy Business Women Share Their Best Tips!

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Great small business tips from successful women on how you can impress your customers and look like a professional. A must read for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, Etsy shop owners, and other creatives.


Knowing how to delight your customers is a big deal, and something that really, truly, seriously intimidates a lot of new entrepreneurs + freelancers.


I know because when my freelance business in web and graphic design started getting serious (you know, I wasn’t doing things for free-ish…), the burden to make sure my clients liked me + my work was super heavy.


I felt — and still feel — that the entire key to my success in business was going to hinge on how my clients perceived me. And THAT would depend entirely on how well I could serve them.


This would have to be achieved not just by doing GOOD work (hellooo — clearly a non-negotiable!), but by making sure their entire experience with me was pleasant, smooth and, well, utterly delightful.


I know back then I was hungry for any and all simple advice from people in a similar space as me on how to deliver this great customer experience , which is why I decided to pull together the collective brains of some impressive entrepreneurial women in this post today.


They have been incredibly generous to share the little, unassuming things they do that make a biiiig impact on their customer happiness, and I’m so SO excited to pass them on to you.


Here’s what they had to share with me:




All my work is done online via video chats. With clients all over the states, it’s impossible for me to have face-2-face meetings most of the time. So one way to try to bridge the digital gap and make for a more personal consulting experience is by recording all my sessions on a voice recorder.


This eliminates my need to take notes and it allows me to be more present and attentive to my clients as we discuss and collaborate during our sessions. Being able to look my clients in the eye while we work makes it a more personal experience and helps generate a more authentic and meaningful outcome from our work.


It lets them know I’m really listening and I genuinely care about what they have to say.


Plus, with the recording, I can go back as many times as I need to and find that golden nugget discovery we made without having to stop the creative flow mid-stream so I could write it down.


Julie Harris on - how to delight your customers!

Julie Harris |



In my online vintage shop business, I ALWAYS include a hand-written thank you note in the package. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long, just a quick personal note letting them know I appreciate their order and that I hope they love the awesome item they purchased.


I get emails back from customers telling me how nice these notes are, and it leads to a lot of positive reviews.


In my other businesses, I allow my students to re-take courses with me as many times as they need to. If someone had some personal issues during the first class session, or for whatever reason couldn’t focus on it full-time, I give them a second chance to re-take the class with me no charge.


I get so many emails from students thanking me for being so generous - but I really just love helping them and it’s my job to make sure they get what they paid for in the class! This gives people a lot of confidence in my business and values.


Mariah Coz on - how to delight your customers!

Mariah Coz |



Since the first way my customers make contact with me is via email I try to make the mundane and mind-dragging experience a bit more, well, fun.


To do this, I set up an autoresponder that sounds like me (instead of sounding like a robot asking for your phone number when you call for customer service) and gives my customers a clear expectation of when they will hear back along with some ways to interact with Pommel Lane in the meantime.


Not only does this allow my clients a chance to giggle, be informed and carry on, it also allows me to relieve some self-induced pressure regarding emails and the juggle of project work versus administrative tasks.


This way, when I get back to them with a personalized response they are delighted to have a continued experience that is knowledgeable, professional and not an added drain on their day.



Hannah Reynolds |



When I’m working with a client, I make it a point to focus on building a relationship. It’s not only beneficial that there’s a certain level of trust, but it’s essential that my clients know that I’m willing to go the extra mile for them as I would with a close personal friend.


What that means is, a client may receive some additional recommendations to help grow their brand just because, even if it’s outside of the project scope.


I make it a point to follow up with my clients shortly after the project has ended to make sure that they are still on track and to answer any additional questions they may have.


I also like to send my clients a thank you package to let them know that I appreciate their business (this often includes a discount or even a free additional service), but more importantly to let them know that I am thankful that they’ve entrusted me with the heart of their brand.


Keizra Tyson Griffin on - how to look like a professional business owner!

Keizra Tyson-Griffin |



My customers are at the forefront of my business.  They are my professional “raison d’être” and I reserve a few things for them throughout the year.


Here are the things I offer my customers to make their experience with MDC Artistic Designs delightful and extra special:


1: My designs are unique and once sold, they are not reproduced.  I want my customers to feel they have something that was created just for them and not found on every other woman they meet.


My customers appreciate this and this is the main reason they purchase from my shop and return.


2: I have designed a Loyalty and Referral Program that they can access after their first purchase.


As well, if they agree to give me their birthday, I send them a coupon for an extra percentage off that they can use during the month of their big celebration.



Marlene Chiasson |



I offer phone consultations to clarify details of a project, answer any questions they may have, and to give us both a good feeling about one working with one another.


Not all of my clients take me up on my offer to talk over the phone, but I think it’s a nice change of pace in this internet world.


I primarily work with bloggers, so I also like to help promote their blog’s content through my own social media channels.  It’s an added bonus (and a pleasant surprise) for one of my client’s to find themselves on my Facebook page, or mentioned in my weekly newsletter.



Kirsten Thompson |



I find that the surest way to delight customers is to be organized and on top of things. I will surprise my clients by creating a strategy, a style guide, and a shared marketing calendar designed in their brand style that they weren’t really expecting.


It takes some extra time, but it makes the client feel like they are working with a professional who is taking their marketing as seriously as they do.


I’ll also do a bit of work and research outside of the scope of our agreement from time to time to recommend new marketing activities they may not have thought of. And sending thank you cards and Christmas gifts never hurts either.


Kayli Barth on - how to make your customers love you!

Kayli Barth |



I love surprising and delighting my clients in different ways throughout our time working together. In the initial consultation phase, I do this by keeping the process streamlined and easy to understand.


I’m constantly hearing how clients love the systems I use because they allow for quick and transparent communication.


Throughout our process, I like to send special welcome packages and even a surprise personalized item in the middle of our project. I think wrapping up a project is such an exciting time, so I love sending clients a little goodbye package as well just to show my appreciation for working with them.


Megan Minns on - how to make your customers keep coming back!

Megan Minns |



Being in the real estate industry, most people equate an “ick” factor to real estate agents. I take the normal experience of buying or selling a home and work to flip the relationship by offering a truly specialized agent / client experience.


I created an incredibly unique “Moving Decisions Matrix” that I ask my clients to complete before we begin our work together, which asks the adults in the family to answer a series of questions — independently of each other.


We then use a weighted score system to discover EXACTLY what my clients need  to allow everyone to move away from focusing on the color of the siding and the layout of the kitchen and instead look to find communities where they can really thrive and flourish in their new home.


Separately from this, I offer a large percentage of my commission BACK in the pockets of clients I work with who are military, police, fire, teachers or health care providers and I’m proud to say thank you to those clients by giving them cash back!


I view my business as an opportunity to truly create lifelong relationships with those I work with. Whether that means phone calls on their birthday, a card on anniversaries or other important days, or the “Let’s Go Look at Houses” goody bag containing fun items for kiddos when their parents go searching for homes, or a book about moving for those families that are selling, I go the extra mile to really provide an amazing experience!



Naomi Hattaway |



So there I was: Junior high speech project. Ugh. I can’t tell you much more about the assignment, but I remember this quote I had to share, although sadly, just not who said it.


“Blessed are those who have the gift of making friends.  It involves many things, but above all, the power of appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another.”


It’s become a mantra for me.  Appreciate whatever is noble and loving in others!  This especially works in the online space.  Delighting customers and clients is all about making them feel important, appreciating their input, and valuing their opinions.


When was the last time you sent a tweet/message/ or email just tell a client: thank you? Try it.


“Thank you for working with me.  I love the way you  ______ .” (Share great stories/help others/ etc.)


Now here’s the secret.  Be specific.  The more specific you are- the more they know you mean it. And the more they know you’ve been paying attention to what they’re doing. Like the way they write?  Tell them.  Respect their organizational skills?  Take 10 seconds and send that message.


Want to up the ante? Send a handwritten note.  Boom.  Next level has been achieved.  If your client is online, next time you have a convo with them right before you hang up (or end the Skype call/exit the Hangout), say, “Hey, I have a little something for you. Where should I send it?”


Don’t spend lots of money.  Give more of yourself in the note.


You’ve built the trust.  You’ve earned their respect.  Now bring them sheer delight and watch how that comes back to you.



Amy Robles |



At the end of each year I go through all the client projects that I worked on and send a New Year’s card to each client. It’s a good way to express how grateful I am to have been able to work with them in the previous year and to wish them continued success in the coming year.


I also really try to send handwritten thank you notes as projects end, but sometimes things get busy and fall through the cracks - the New Year’s card is a good way to make sure that I thank everyone!


Kate Baird on - how to be a class act with your customers!

Kate Baird |



I delight them by making life easier, especially when it comes to what they do online. I place an emphasis on making Social Media and content marketing easier, something doable and not as time consuming as it can seem.


That’s like the best thing ever to an holistic business owner that feels totally allergic to the whole internet marketing world.


In addition, I delight them by offering either discounts on my future courses and books or free access to them, depending on what consulting package they have purchased.


Free webinars, mini courses, teleclasses, and other pitch-free training is something else I will be offering in 2015. I focus on value in as many ways I can, and offering value delights!



Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley |



I always strive to give my customers more than they expect. I take care to personally answer every question I am asked through my Facebook page, group, Twitter and blog comments (that’s a big one for me, I think it’s important to answer EVERY comment).


I love to give design feedback through my monthly advice columns and Facebook community.


I really try to understand where my customers and readers are coming from and what they need by asking questions and offering surveys so that I can provide blog posts and eBooks based on what they want.


I also like to give my subscribers something special once in a while, to remind them that I appreciate their loyalty.


Marianne Manthey on - how to be a pro with your customers!

Marianne Manthey |



Delight Your Customers + Look Like A Pro With These Easy Tips From 13 Soaring Business Women! @OlyviaMedia





One best practice I recommend to help make a more meaningful impression online is using people’s first names.


Again, this is all dependent on who you are talking to. If this person is a world renowned physicist then I’d probably suggest you keep calling them “Dr. Soandso”. But for the rest of your followers, using their first name makes your engagement so much more personal and sincere.


They will know exactly who you are talking to and will probably reply back.


By acknowledging the individual, you show that you cared enough to take the time and see who they are.


Julie Harris on - how to delight your customers!

Julie Harris |



I think just being approachable and accessible is very powerful.


Giving people your email address, making it easy for people to contact you on your website. Responding quickly to inquiries.


Sometimes people are embarrassed to ask for help for whatever reason, and putting them at ease by being friendly and approachable goes a long way.


Mariah Coz on - how to delight your customers!

Mariah Coz |



Seriously, set up an autoresponder. Not just “I’ll get back to you within 72 hours” but really take a few hours and find out what you want them to know.


Start your email with an introduction of WHY they are receiving it because autoresponders can have a bad rap. Figure out your main email buckets like new clients, existing clients, questions, etc. and provide answers about your typical response timeframe for each. You can also use this as a shameless plug for your work!


Offer up a few things like free download resources, FAQs, newsletter sign up and something that is uniquely you. This could be your favorite Netflix recommendation, asking for interaction on social media the next time they do X, requesting a direct reply with the one ________ they have regarding your field of expertise.


The options are endless on what you can say and create to surprise your clients when they have to receive another dreaded email. The extra effort won’t go unnoticed.



Hannah Reynolds |



In order to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and also look more professional, it’s important to streamline your process as much as possible. I would recommend using a project management system.


There are various tools out there, but the tool that I use currently is Trello. It’s great for tracking tasks, sharing files, budgeting, task management and more.


If you’re a visual person, it’s a great option to be able to “see” the activity that’s occurring with your projects in one place. It also makes your business process easier for your client to follow.


Using a tool like this definitely ups your professionalism not only for your brand, but also in the eyes of your customers.


Keizra Tyson Griffin on - how to look like a professional business owner!

Keizra Tyson-Griffin |



Listen to your customers whether by conducting a survey (which I will be doing this year), sending them an email, or connecting on your favorite/best social media platform. You want to add value to their lives, so ask them what they need/want.


SurveyMonkey is just one of many free tools, but this one is also easily customizable.


Also, get yourself a business planner and plan ahead. I did not do this my first year of business and I realized very quickly that to look and feel organized, I needed a planner.


There are many tools out there, but the one I’m currently using is Your Best Year 2015 by Lisa Jacobs. What I love about this planner is that I can organize my personal and professional tasks all in one area and set priorities). One should not be excluded for the other.



Marlene Chiasson |



I love providing a clean landing page for potential clients to see what exactly I can do for them, get to know more about me and my work ethic, and to read testimonials from past or current clients.


It’s a one-stop-shop for those initial questions potential clients may have to find out if I’m qualified to do the work they need, and if they feel our personalities will mix.



Kirsten Thompson |



I definitely recommend investing in some kind of invoicing software. Go with something that makes it super easy to send them out so you aren’t wasting a bunch of time preparing invoices every week.


Also, use one that allows you to include your own branding or logo. It will look so much more professional to your clients and save you heaps of time. I use Paymo and MotivApp.


Kayli Barth on - how to make your customers love you!

Kayli Barth |



I feel like there are so many different ways to provide a wonderful customer experience. I’d say the essential method to delighting your client (and looking professional!) would be having a streamlined intake process.


Make sure you have a clear process from initial inquiry, estimate, contract, and invoice. Make your templates in advance and you’ll be able to move prospects through the process at lightening speed.


There are so many wonderful tools to do this: 17hats, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, EchoSign, Docusign, Contractually, and more!


Bonus points if you put together a PDF welcome package that you can email to your clients as soon as they sign that contract and send you that first payment. 🙂 You’ll look like a true pro who has done this a thousand times - even if its your first client!


Megan Minns on - how to make your customers keep coming back!

Megan Minns |



I am a HUGE fan of Trello. Trello is a free tool that allows me to work with my clients to help them stay super organized throughout the process and provides a fantastic way for ME to stay on track of everything that happens from start to finish !


I set up a private Trello board for each client at the time we begin our relationship, and whether they are buying, selling or relocating, each “board” is highly customizable and really offers that “it’s all about them” feel!



Naomi Hattaway |



Sure, you know it’s important to get out there and connect.  Are you using Refresh? This little app is like your own Private Investigator.  Your personal speed dater for biz people.


Refresh scours the internet for all of the info a person has online about themselves.  Find out where they went to high school.  You could have been rivals.  Imagine starting your next biz meeting with that intro?


Clearly now, don’t be a creeper about the little nuggets you learned about someone else.


Creepers are not cool.  Trust me, I checked the manual.


This little app helps you to turn strangers to friends in much faster way. So get connecting! In fact, tweet me @itsamyrobles about what you are doing!



Amy Robles |



Using Basecamp has been a huge boost in client communication for me. It just doesn’t compare to the ridiculously long (and boring) email threads that I used to keep with my clients.


There are tons of companies out there that do similar things, but I really can’t recommend using some kind of project management service enough.


Kate Baird on - how to be a class act with your customers!

Kate Baird |



I think it’s incredibly important for women bloggers and solopreneurs to learn how to manage their own websites and be able to tweak their designs if necessary. is a fantastic resource for learning how to manage your own WordPress dashboard.


I love to educate and empower these women (especially those on a budget) to beautify their own blogs DIY-style so of course I’d recommend my blog, Design Your Own (lovely) Blog and ebook, Blog Beautiful: 50 Tips + Fixes to Make Your Blog Glow.


Other design resources I can’t speak highly enough of is Unsplash (for gorgeous free stock photos), Creative Market (for cheap graphic downloads), Canva (for free and cheap customized graphics) and Google Webfonts.


Marianne Manthey on - how to be a pro with your customers!

Marianne Manthey |



 A fun + handy Pin for you:

How To Delight Your Customers and Clients | Great small business tips from successful women on how you can impress your customers and look like a professional. A must read for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, Etsy shop owners, and other creatives.




What customer service tips or resources have you learned along the way? Will you share? 🙂 


Erika Madden

(Chief Olyvia)



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